Winter Motivation In Your Riding

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Winter Motivation In Your Riding

Hello superstar riders!

How is your riding going? I trust super well, and you are loving where you are at! I am just back from a wonderful weekend at the snow with my extended family and Ebony Park Team – so loving the winter weather and the play in the snow.

I know for some people the winter can be a time where you can lose motivation, so I wanted to share some of my favourite Jim Rohn quotes to inspire you this month! Also just a reminder there is less than a month until Spring is here and 2 months until daylight savings starts again!

“An immediate reward for lack of discipline is a fun day at the beach. A future reward of discipline is owning the beach. Unfortunately, most of us would choose today’s pleasure over tomorrow’s fortune.”

Discipline is vital for any success. Sleeping in and not riding is rewarding. You get to snuggle under your doona, and feel all warm and happy, and get some extra sleep. But you won’t achieve your riding goals if you keep making that choice. If you want to have riding success you simply must make disciplined choices everyday. Put tomorrows pleasure ahead of today’s, and your future self will be forever grateful. Another quote that might help is:

“It is easy to get up in the morning when you awaken anxious to make progress towards your dreams. When you’re excited about life, you’ll wake up long before your alarm clock goes off.”

You need to make sure you connect with your passion. Don’t think about the pain of getting out into the cold or getting rained on. Instead think of the pleasure of cantering down the long side, or doing your first step of leg yield, or grooming your horse. Anything that you love and look forward to doing. Focus on that and getting up will be easy.

The keys to discipline –‘Start with the little things and work up to the big ones.’

So rather than make yourself get up at 4am and ride 4 horses before work, start small and just ride one horse. If you want to get yourself up to riding 5 days a week, maybe just start with committing to one ride per week, then two, then three. The trick is making it a non-negotiable. If you are doing three this week you are doing three this week. At Ebony Park we are all committed to doing the gym and keeping our bodies fit and strong. The thing is – we all hate gym! Except for Phil. Phil is this weird person that loves the gym. For the rest of us though, we need to use discipline to make sure we get our workouts in. The thing is if we made the goal – 6 workouts a week, none of us would do it, and then we would feel bad about it. So instead we say 2 full body workouts per week. Now that means we need to do 2 hours of gym all up for the week. That means we can go hard twice a week – or what we prefer to do is 4 workouts a week of 30 minutes. If we miss some days though and it gets to Thursday and we haven’t done it, we need to smash those hours. The main thing is we do it. So make it small and keep those private promises to yourself.

Another quote on discipline:

“Ambitious people know that everything they do and every discipline they adhere to form the links in the chain of events that will lead them to their final destination.”

Moving on to happiness:

“It’s not what happens in the world that determines the major part of your future. What happens, happens to us all. The key is what you do about it.”

You don’t own the sadness of the world. Bad things happen to everyone. The difference between successful people and non-successful people, is that successful people create learnings from disappointments and grow from their experiences rather than allow the experiences of the past to negatively affect their future. So you have had a bad day – so what? Stay disciplined to your goals, and do what you said you would do. You can’t live life trying to avoid the bad stuff. The bad stuff is coming. That’s called life, but if you can smile and nod and grow from it you will enjoy it so much more.

“Happiness doesn’t come from big pieces of great success but from small, daily achievements. What Mr (Benjamin) Franklin is saying is that we must be happy with what we’ve got when we’re in pursuit of what we really want. Abraham Lincoln said it best. He said, ‘You’ll be as happy as you make up your mind to be.'”

The goal will never make you happy. The journey is where the happiness is found. Life is not about what you get, or achieve, or become. It’s about what you did, every day, for that to happen. Don’t get caught in the cycle of – “When I get a car I will be happy, when I get to level 1 I will be happy, when I get a new horse I will… Just stop. Choose to be happy right now. As you are reading these words. Just smile. Go on! I dare you! For those of you mis-matchers deliberately not smiling – that’s cool, I get it. Why would you want to be happy for no reason? Another quote that might insprire you:

“It means that big achievements come one small step at a time. It means that you’ve got to enjoy the journey. It means that you must enjoy and take pride in your little accomplishments. It means celebrating who you are becoming in pursuit of your larger goal. And it means doing so everyday.”


“Happiness is receiving and sharing, reaping and bestowing. Happiness is found in taking the time to enjoy what you’re accomplished: enjoying the plateau, giving yourself credit when credit is due, patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Happiness is the here and now. Happiness isn’t the end result. Happiness is part of the journey.”

To Your Winter Riding Success,


Winter Motivation In Your Riding

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