Why Don’t More Students Make Money With eBay Arbitrage?

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Why Don’t More Students Make Money With eBay Arbitrage?

Loads of people sell on eBay. By loads I mean millions upon millions. That’s a huge marketplace that surely isn’t 100% effective. Correct. A lot of people list products incorrectly with spelling mistakes, omissions and errors. People forget they are trying to market their products and just slump for a quick and easy listing that wont do them any favors. Would you advertise your Porsche as a Ford? Hmmm…a bit extreme but you get the idea. Anyone that goes on eBay and says they just want to get rid of “stuff” and don’t care about making money is lying. Why bother then? You might as well just go and give it to a charity shop and save yourself the hassle. However all these poorly listed items are gold mines for the clued up eBay bargain hunter. It even has its own name: eBay arbitrage. This means buying something on eBay with the intention of then selling it again on eBay at a profit. So what should you be looking for then?

Spelling mistakes:

Sounds crazy to you, but so many people are in such a rush to list an item that they incorrectly spell it (or a keyword associated with it). Think of a product with a word that you would have trouble spelling and chances are someone somewhere has listed that product on eBay with the wrong spelling. I recently bought some specialist Schwarzkopf shampoo on eBay and managed to snap it up on an auction for a fraction of the retail price. This was simply because it wasn’t appearing in searches because sellers were spelling it wrong. It can be even simpler than that. Think about Channel instead of Chanel, or Hewlet Packard instead of Hewlett Packard and you could be onto a winner!

Missing information:

Ok, granted it is sometimes difficult to work out what you need to put into your title so that it comes up in a keyword search. The key is to think simple. A really easy example is with televisions. Think about the top 5 things you would search for if you were trying to buy one. Things like, screen width, high definition, LCD….the list goes on. Then look at your television and think “right, its got a flat screen, its 42 inch wide, its wall mountable”. Plenty of televisions have the first 2 points, but how many have the 3rd one. That’s your big seller and will appeal to a niche market. However many people forget this third selling point and consequently their listing will be lost amongst the thousands of other 42 inch flat screen televisions and likely to lose out on crucial bids. Look for listings with short titles and poor formatting to find these gems. Crucially though, make sure you know your market and have knowledge of the specific products you are trying to source this way.

Auction ending time:

It’s a well known fact amongst eBay-ers that a Sunday afternoon/evening is the best time for an auction to end as most people will have access to a computer at this time. Therefore look out for auctions that end at unsociable hours – i.e. very early in the morning or very late at night. Also look for sellers that have set the auction end time that doesn’t fit in with the market they are trying to sell to. For example, the seller that is trying to sell baby clothes with an early evening end time. Think about it, what mother is going to be surfing eBay at a time when they would be putting a baby to bed? Little things like that can really separate the sale price of products and give you the chance to swipe them up and resell at a sensible time for a higher price.

No Photo:

Likely Page Break Finally, those listings without a photo are guaranteed to receive less viewings and consequently less bids. It is up to you whether you take the risk, but a lot of the time it will be simply laziness on the part of the seller and less likely to be a faulty product. However make sure you are savvy. A seller with thousands of feedbacks generating mixed reviews might not be worth the risk as oppose to the seller with a lower number of feedback nearer 100% positive feedback.

Why Don’t More Students Make Money With eBay Arbitrage?

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