What Are Document Translation Services?

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What Are Document Translation Services?

Many people are mildly puzzled by translation services. After all, we are in the new millennium. We have trains that float above the tracks and go 300 miles per hour. We have cannons that can fire bullets at almost light speed, and we have refined metals so strong that a fork can hold the weight of an elephant. So why do we still need document translation services?

There are hundreds of software programs that can translate text into every language in the modern world. So you might ask: why are companies still paying for translation services? The truth is it is because language is very complex on its own, and when you try to translate one from another, you need to understand the reasoning and logic behind every sentence you read.

Have you ever wondered why you can type the same sentence into Google translate and get two answers? How if you change a few letters into capital letters that the translated sentence looks different? Did you notice the multiple options that they give you on the right? Or how if you translate something to English then the sentences come out muddled, and the grammar and sentence syntax is terrible? This is because language is not a mathematical code, and therefore cannot be interpreted perfectly by a software program.

When you purchase document translation services, you are buying the expertise of a person who fully understands both languages involved. You are buying the time of translation expert who knows the difference between a tear as in a teardrop, and a tear as in a tear in one’s jeans. You are buying the time of a person who can construct a sentence based upon the meaning of a foreign sentence, instead of based on the composition of the sentence (i.e. its words).

Translating from one language to another is hard enough, but imagine a software program attempting a technical document translation. Technical documents are difficult when they are read by native speakers, so you can imagine the mess that a software program would make of it. Without technical translation services, commerce between two companies from different countries would take years for them to fully communicate with each other. Can you imagine buying Japanese machinery for your high-tech factory without advanced technical translation services? The deal and the process would simply be unachievable without a mass exchange of staff from one company to the other.

What Are Document Translation Services?

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