Well-known Atheists

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Well-known Atheists 2

Well-known Atheists

Many individuals all through historical past haven’t believed in a god or gods. Well-known atheists equivalent to Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins are well-known. There are various different well-known individuals who additionally don’t consider in any of the gods. Beneath is a brief listing of well-known atheists together with a short biography.

Christopher Hitchens (1949) is an creator and journalist. His books embody God will not be Nice and The Missionary Place. Hitchens grew to become an American citizen on the thirteenth of April 2007. His most up-to-date e book is Hitch-22: A Memoir.

Richard Dawkins (1941) is an evolutionary biologist, Ethologist and creator. Generally referred to within the media as “Darwin’s Rottweiler”, Dawkins is the creator of many books together with the bestseller The God Delusion which he makes the case {that a} supernatural creator nearly actually doesn’t exist. In his newest e book The Best Present on Earth Dawkins lays out the proof for organic evolution. At its annual convention Atheists Alliance Worldwide presents the Richard Dawkins Award to an atheist who has been influential in elevating public consciousness of atheism.

Sam Harris (1967) is an creator, neuroscientist and CEO of Challenge Motive. His books embody The Finish of Religion and Letter to a Christian. His third e book The Ethical Panorama Harris argues that science is usually a supply of morals. Sam writes about many matters together with science, faith, philosophy, and morality.

PZ Myers (1957) is a biology professor and creator of the weblog Pharyngula the place he addresses matters equivalent to creationism, Clever Design, science schooling, and atheism. PZ describes Pharyngula as “Evolution, growth, and random organic ejaculations from a godless liberal.”

Penn and Teller are magicians, comedians, illusionists and host of the tv present Bullshit! which offers with matters equivalent to creationism, pseudoscience, various medication and animal rights.

James Randi (1928) is an creator, magician, and founding father of the James Randi Academic Basis (JREF). Randi typically appeared on The Tonight Present Starring Johnny Carson and is the creator of many books together with The Reality About Uri Geller.

Ricky Gervais (1961) is a comic, actor, director and author. Gervais is the creator of a number of youngsters books together with Flanimals.

Jodie Foster (1962) is an actress, producer and movie director. Foster has starred in lots of movies together with Contact and The Silence of the Lambs.

Douglas Adams (1952 – 2001) was a author who authored many books together with The Hitchhiker’s Information to the Galaxy.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (1969) is a author, feminist, politician and critic of Islam. She is the creator of the New York Occasions greatest vendor Infidel.

Lance Armstrong (1971) is a 7-time Tour de France winner and most cancers survivor.

Isaac Asimov (1920 – 1992) was a professor of biochemistry at Boston College and is the creator of many books.

Peter Atkins (1940) is a author and chemist.

Bruce Lee (1940 – 1973) was a martial arts knowledgeable, actor, movie director, movie producer, and founding father of the Jeet Kune Do marital arts motion.

Dan Barker (1949) was a Christian preacher for 19 years. After leaving Christianity Barker grew to become an atheist and is the creator of the books Godless and Dropping Religion in Religion: From Preacher to Atheist. Dan is the co-president of the Freedom From Faith Basis.

James Cameron (1954) is a producer, movie director, editor, and screenwriter. Cameron wrote and directed the movies Titanic and Avatar.

George Carlin (1937 – 2008) was a comic, creator, and actor. He received a complete of 5 Grammy awards and was a frequent performer on The Tonight Present with Johnny Carson.

Bjork (1965) is a singer, songwriter, music producer, and actress. She has recorded seven solo albums and three albums with the group Sugarcubes.

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke (1918 – 2008) was a science fiction author and inventor. A few of his works embody 2001: A Area Odyssey and The Fountains of Paradise.

Seth MacFarlane (1973) is a author, producer, director, and actor. Seth is greatest recognized for creating the TV present Household Man. He helps homosexual rights and the legalization of marijuana.

Steven Pinker (1954) is a scientist, psychologist, creator, and linguist. Pinker has written many books together with Stuff of Thought and The Clean Slate.

Daniel Radcliffe (1989) is an actor who’s greatest recognized for his position taking part in Harry Potter within the movie sequence.

Ron Reagan (1958) was a radio present host and is presently a political pundit for MSNBC.

Well-known Atheists

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