Using Twitter – Traffic Strategies For Business

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Using Twitter – Traffic Strategies For Business

There’s little doubt that Twitter has become a social phenomenon. But there’s more to Twitter than finding out what your best friend living 5,000 miles away is reading. There are little known secrets that big businesses and a few small ones are using to drive traffic to their websites using Twitter.

Here are few tips that use can start to use straightaway and profit from, using the micro-logging platform:

When you post a message or “start a tweet”, use your main keyword phrase as the opening phrase. The idea here is to leverage long-term index relevance in real-time across search engines. Search engine spiders continuously crawl the internet to index websites and will pick these up. The more relevant they are to your business the better.

Become familiar with the twitter buzz words that others are using. While it is not recommended that every post should have these buzzwords, these are search terms that are frequently used and can be capitalized on in real-time. Of course you need to exercise caution by refraining from substituting these buzzwords for quality tweets. Offering value to your followers should be your top priority while tweeting, as this keeps them interested in what you have to say and establishes your authority as an expert.

Another important consideration while tweeting is your lead in. The lead in determines the content that appears in the title tag of the tweet when it comes up in Google’s search result. This is why it is important for SEO. About 42 characters are factored in the title tag of each tweet. This includes the account name, and also the initial characters of each tweet. It is important to remember that your full tweet and all of its characters are being indexed by major engines.

Make sure the character limits of your tweets allow for best “retweetability.” For your message to be tweeted on by your followers it is best to keep your tweet to 120 characters or under. This way your followers can very easily add RT @YourUsername in front of the tweet. The exact number of characters will be different for everyone as this depends on how many characters are needed for someone to tweet the phrase “RT @yourname” when they re-tweet.

Twitter is an excellent tool to help bloggers share links to content which is of mutual interest to specific groups. This is why it makes sense to insert back links to redirect users to a new blog post. If you share links, you will have to use a URL shortener such as tinyurl, to overcome Twitter’s limitation of posting 140 characters. It is advisable to look for a URL shortener that can track click throughs for the links.

One discouraging aspect of Twitter is that if someone clicks on your link, it does nothing to boost your page ranking. Shared links in Twitter have a “No-Follow” attribute. This does not mean that you should just give up. A way around this is to post URLs that are rewritten with your relevant keywords on the link. This will ensure that they are found by the search engines.

While Twitter will turn out to be more beneficial to some businesses than others, the role of the product or service that you are promoting is also important. Even if Twitter is not the perfect tool for your business, it can be used to your advantage to get your site listed on the search engine results.

Using Twitter – Traffic Strategies For Business

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