Tips for Getting Amazon to Recommend Your Kindle Book

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Tips for Getting Amazon to Recommend Your Kindle Book

Want more visibility for your Kindle titles? If you can somehow get Amazon to recommend your Kindle book, you are going to see a marked increase in both sales and your own marketability as an author.

To truly understand the best possible methods and ways to get Amazon to recommend your Kindle book, we must first understand the actual algorithm that Amazon uses to ultimately select which products and books that it recommends to its users.

The More Books You Sell, the Higher the Likelihood Amazon Will Promote Your Works to Its Users

Out of all of the tips we’ll outline in this post, this is easily the one that you no doubt could have either figured out for yourself or already have done so. But don’t fret, because this isn’t the end-all, be-all aspect of the aforementioned recommendation algorithm – it’s just a portion.

By All Accounts, Amazon Will See Fit to Recommend Your Kindle Book to Users Who Are Fond of the Subject Matter or Topic Once You Break Into the Top 1,000 Rankings List on the Kindle Store

That’s right! While obviously the more books you sell and the higher profile of an author you are the easier this entire process is, if you’re just getting started as a Kindle book author, you should strive to set your sights on breaking into the Top 1,000 rankings as quickly as possible for each and every book you create.

For a more in-depth, first-hand explanation of this, I highly recommend you have a listen to a podcast interview that Robin Sullivan (of Ridan Publishing) did with the Dead Robots’ Society on the subject. You can check out their podcasts here:

Strive to Get Your Kindle Books Featured or Reviewed on (Relatively) Moderate to High Ranking Websites or Blogs

The fact that your specific book is being featured, talked about or recommended on relatively moderate to high ranking websites or blogs essentially tells Amazon (and by direct extension, the algorithm running in the background) that your particular Kindle book may very well be worth their while to start spreading the word about. Start contacting book review blogs and blogs in your niche for review or promotional opportunities.

While it can take some time and effort to get your book recommended, once you do so, it makes selling and promoting your titles much easier.

Good luck!

Tips for Getting Amazon to Recommend Your Kindle Book

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