The Number One Advice For Selling on eBay

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The Number One Advice For Selling on eBay

This is not about what to sell, how to sell or where to find things to sell on eBay. It’s not even about how much you can make by selling on eBay. Contrary to what most people think, there is another aspect to selling on eBay.

Here’s what I consider to be the number one advice for selling on eBay – customer service. That’s right, customer service.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hugely popular power seller or just a stay at home mom selling a little of this and that, you’ve got to give good service to your customers.

eBay is nothing more than a HUGE online store. So many vendors to pick from, so much merchandise, who’s the buyer going to choose to buy from? Hopefully it’s you.

So how does a buyer know who gives good customer service and who doesn’t? If you’re familiar with eBay you already know it’s by looking at the seller feedback. But just in case you don’t know about feedback, I’ll fill you in on it.

Every time someone buys something on eBay they are asked to give “feedback” on the item they bought and the seller from whom they bought.

They are asked to rate such things as – was the item as described? Did the seller ship according to their stated shipping time? Were the shipping and handling charges reasonable? How was the communication from the seller?

The answers to these questions can make or break you as a seller on eBay. Each time you sell an item you essentially get 1 point of feedback which can be positive, neutral or negative. Your goal is to have 100% positive, or as close to that as possible.

I know when I buy on eBay I want to deal with someone who has a lot of positive feedback. That way I can feel confident I’m going to get what I bid on and not receive an inferior product.

So if you’re thinking about selling on eBay here’s some advice on how to get some feedback before you start selling. Consider being a buyer before you sell.

Sellers get to leave feedback for buyers, too. If you were to purchase, say, 6 to 10 items you could already have a feedback rating of 6 to 10 before you start selling.

Now to recap, no matter how much is sold on eBay it’s just like any other place you buy from. Everyone wants customer service.

So give the people what they want…the product they’re looking for with good customer service. In that way it’s win win for everyone involved!

The Number One Advice For Selling on eBay

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