Social Media Marketing – Does Twitter Have Rules? Absolutely They Do!

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Social Media Marketing – Does Twitter Have Rules? Absolutely They Do!

I recently had someone comment to me, that you can do anything on Twitter. That Twitter doesn’t have any rules at all. And that is definitely not true. Now, yes, you can go in and post anything that you want. However, Twitter has their own rules that you must follow, and you would definitely be wise to go in and read them. If you post things that do not follow the guidelines and the policies of Twitter, then your account can be closed down.

There are also all of the unspoken rules!How you act will be reflected in the number of followers that you have. There are four things that people do that can easily get themselves blocked by others, or, worst case scenario, to have their account shut down by Twitter.

1. Using inappropriate language. By swearing or making vulgar comments, different things like that, the type of language that you use will get you less and less followers. To some inappropriate language indicates a lack of respect, therefore it is important that you know who you want your followers to be.

2. To be insulting. Who wants to go into their Twitter account to find that people have been insulting them. Not anyone I know of. If you have something to say that is not so nice, that perhaps constructive, then you want to do that privately. Not out in the open for everyone else to read.

3. Making comments that will alienate people. Now, personally, I don’t understand that one. I’ve seen people do it, and it just makes for lousy conversations with other people. People will be scared to interact with you because they’re going to be concerned that you’re going to do the same thing to them.

4 To tweet too much. I came across a Twitter account that was following, 120 people, and had 7,000 tweets. Keep things in perspective. If you were to have a conversation with someone, would you take over the conversation or would you let other people talk. When you tweet too much, that’s the same thing as shouting out to everybody that what you have to say is way more important than anybody else, so everybody better listen to you! When I find people who do that, I block them.

Take a look at the Twitter streams of the people you know, like and respect. That will give you an indication of how you need to be tweeting.

Social Media Marketing – Does Twitter Have Rules? Absolutely They Do!

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