ShamWow – Does It Really Work?

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ShamWow – Does It Really Work?

Commercials show us what the product can do. However, we can’t prove it by any means. We are forced to believe what we see; skepticism arises. The question is does the ShamWow cloth really work?

The ShamWow cloth does work; however, the commercial or the advertisement doesn’t show you the drawbacks of this cloth.

Firstly, the towel doesn’t absorb that much on its first use. In fact, a regular towel might absorb more. However, what makes this cloth unique is that it can absorb over a long period of time. What I mean by this is that if you leave the towel over a surface, it will continue to absorb until you remove it. You will notice this in its commercial; the guy leaves the towel as he continues his conversation with the host. This characteristic is not presented in your regular bathroom towel.

What is also great about this cloth is that it can absorb more than once. Unlike your bathroom towel, the ShamWow towel can clean several surfaces at the time, no need for it to dry first. This is all due to the material in which it is made of. The synthetic microfiber expels liquid much more thoroughly than a normal towel.

After you are done with the first few uses; the cloth is designed to absorb more as it gets wetter. Hence, it is great for emergencies. If your sink happens to flood, then you can count on the ShamWow cloth to clean it up. When you try to clean up a carpet spill with a regular towel, you would find that it does nothing but pull the water back to the surface. Further, you cannot use the towel more than once. If it is wet, then you have to wait until it dries or get another one. The Sham wow cloth is the exact opposite.

Now, let’s return to the question of does the ShamWow towel really work. Well, if you plan to experiment with a simple spill on the kitchen towel, then of course the ShamWow Cloth will seem useless. However, try a flood, or a major carpet disaster. Here, you will see the significance of this cloth. How fast it works and how efficient it is. After using the Sham Wow cloth, you will not even think about using the regular kitchen towel. You will be surprised by the amount of accidents you can fix quickly by using the miraculous cloth.

ShamWow – Does It Really Work?

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