Sell on eBay Successfully – A Simple and Powerful Strategy

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Sell on eBay Successfully – A Simple and Powerful Strategy

When you start to sell on eBay it is important to realise that you will not make millions overnight (despite what some sources might say). However, given time and the appropriate strategy you will soon be making more than a modest income, providing you with the opportunity to pack in your day job to work for yourself for a living. Do you want to pick your own hours of working while making enough to save worrying about the bills? If so, keep reading because this simple and powerful strategy will help to get you started.

To sell on eBay successfully, it is important to set yourself small and attainable goals that you can meet within a realistic period of time. Your first goal, for example, should be to sell one item for a minimum of £5 of profit. When it comes to selling on eBay you can either try to sell a lot of products for a small profit, or fewer products for a larger profit. The latter strategy is more commonly successful in drawing in more money more quickly.

Now, consider that your next target is to make a modest £140 a week as a second income to your regular day job. That is just £20 a day or just four of your £5 items every day. Realising that you only need to sell four items every day helps to restore some reality to your dreams. And once you have reached your initial goal it is time to up your goal, perhaps to £50 a day, or £350 a week. With that target exceeded you can up your target again, and so on and so forth.

Ensure that the current target that you are working toward is on display each time you sit beside your computer to list your new items. A post-it note beside your monitor will help to motivate you toward success each time you collapse into your chair at your desk, even after a long and tiring day at the office.

Short term goals are absolutely essential to keeping you motivated to success as you sell on eBay. However, you should not forget to set yourself a longer term goal so as to point your flourishing eBay business in the right direction. If your dream is to quit your job to work for yourself then make this your end goal. If you wish to exceed your current income, you guessed it, make this your end goal. Although the shorter successes will keep you motivated and help you to start to make money on eBay, the longer term goal will keep you from becoming satisfied with your shorter term goals.

No matter how much experience you have on eBay, or on the internet at all, you can certainly sell four products on eBay each day. By setting realistic goals, any novice can start their journey to success, so why not take some time now to do the maths and prepare for your life to change.

Sell on eBay Successfully – A Simple and Powerful Strategy

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