Osiris -Rex is returning to Earth after efficiently repairing the technical fault

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Osiris-Rex is a Nasa probe that started its journey in 2016. The primary objective of this probe was to travel very far across the universe and collect samples from an asteroid. According to scientists, the sample of this asteroid can reveal many secrets. The name of this asteroid is Bennu, which is currently a hundred million kilometers away. The size of the asteroid is expected to be around 510m high. Osiris-Rex landed on the asteroid last week for a few seconds. It collected the sample and started back its journey to Earth. 


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When the probe touched down the asteroid, it was 200 million miles away from Earth. It collected rock and dust samples from Bennu around 400g. The operation was going well but then the samples started leaking. WIthout the sample, the journey of many years would go to waste. However, closing the door was not very easy as it is a delicate process. Closing a wedged door manually from earth to a log distance needs time. It took more than 2 days to close the door and keep the samples from leaking. Each transmission from Earth took 18 minutes to reach the probe. 


Although the mission was not very hard, locking the door was a hard part. If the leakage continued for some days, the sample would have never come to Earth. Getting the sample from an asteroid is a very big step for humans. It can reveal many things about the solar system and other things related to space. The initial time of the return of this probe is 2023, leakage hasn’t changed the date.  Some history of 5 billion years ago will come to light with this sample. Asteroids also contain the debris of different times of the formation of the old solar systems. 


The data and information connected to Bennu will be available after the research team and scientists start their research. The probe is expected to touch the Earth in September 2023. All the officials of Nasa kept the probe in close observation. No reports of any other incidents after the leakage of the sample.  Research work will continue as the probe still carrying enough samples. Even after leaking for 2 days, the number of rocks and dust are still available in high quantities. This is a big step for the human race to know the history of the solar system.   

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