NBA to Reveal New Twitter Policy

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NBA to Reveal New Twitter Policy

With the recent explosion of Twitter, the impact of the messaging service on the sports world has definitely been felt. Athletes of all sport constantly distribute tweets to their fans, who can easily keep up with what their favorite players are doing, thinking, and where they’re going.

Players in the NBA have taken extremely well to Twitter, and many prominent basketball players like Shaquille O’Neal, Charlie Villanueva, and others actively use the service on a daily basis, and have attracted huge followings to go with it.

They’ve become so active, in fact, that the NBA is considering a set of guidelines that limits the use of Twitter during game time situations, similar to that which the NFL has done as well.

The NFL currently limits any use of Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media device during any instances that occur between the 90 minutes before the beginning of a game, and the end of press conferences after a game.

NBA commissioner David Stern says that any limits imposed will be no cause for major concern. One concern, however, is the possibility of conflicting policies that occur between league-specific and team-specific rules. There are quite a few teams that plan to implement their own policies before training camp starts.

The use of Twitter has been widespread in the NBA, and the content often newsworthy. For example, on one occasion last season, Kevin Love of the Timberwolves announced via that Kevin McHale had been fired before any major media outlets reported the news.

On another occasion, Charlie Villanueva, then with the Bucks, sent a tweet out to his followers during halftime of a Bucks game. This prompted controversy and criticism, as a player’s focus should solely be on the game he’s being paid exorbitant sums of money to play.

While the presence of Twitter in the lives of NBA players has its ups and downs, it probably does more good than harm. Fans get the inside scoop on many of their favorite athletes from the best source possible – the athletes themselves. A responsible policy will maintain a healthy balance between what’s right and wrong.

NBA to Reveal New Twitter Policy

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