More Than a Little

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More Than a Little

The mountains around us are on fire. The fire actually started in Franschhoek, but the wind pushed it across the mountains. Within five hours it had run down Jonkershoek towards the town. Eventually the violent fire was contained.

Many people helped to bring the fire under control, but, unfortunately, some properties were damaged. Such a fire can be devastating!

Even so, I was amazed at how people came together. The needs were communicated on our neighbourhood’s WhatsApp group. First, sugary drinks and energy bars for the people fighting the fire.

Then came requests for old furniture, beds, linen and blankets, food, anything to help people rebuild their burnt down houses. Without hesitation, people put up their hands and said what they had. Would it help? Where could they deliver the stuff?

Someone shared banking details and money started rolling in.

It was amazing to see how quickly people became involved to help others and what a huge difference it makes in people’s lives when other people take hands. Individuals wouldn’t have made much of a difference, but a few together had an enormous impact.

This makes me think of a thread that can be easily broken when it’s just that one thread. But when a few threads are woven together, it’s not that easy to break.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand this simple formula. Some people are so focused on themselves that they do not see the need around them. And so, people miss out on a growth opportunity. A feel-good opportunity. People become poorer when they do not give.

Which leads to the instruction that we shouldn’t only do things to help others but should also encourage others to do good. We must help them develop a sensitivity towards seeing other people’s need. Then we must help them help those in need by carrying their burden and alleviating their need.

This verse says it so well: 24 Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out…

For many, this comes naturally. For others, it’s not so easy to sow love and be good to others. That’s why we should do good for others, and even more. We must give them such a good experience that the fire to also do good is lighted inside them.

Go and look for places. Be silent and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to people who need a little motivation to reach out to others. May the world be a different place, because we who receive so much share with others and in this way, help others to also make a difference.

Then we’ll make much more than a little difference.

Hebrews 10:19-25

Do you do good for others?
Do you do good for others so that they will do good to others?
Who do you have to serve next?

Father, I haven’t always understood this instruction. I thought that I had to do good, but now I realise that I have to do good in such a way that others are also motivated to share Your grace with others. Help me live this command. This will make an even bigger impact in Your world. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

More Than a Little