Making Fans Into Customers – The Facebook Secrets

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Making Fans Into Customers – The Facebook Secrets

Everyone has got a Facebook account these days. It is almost obscene how much time people are spending on Facebook playing Farmville, making friends, looking for dates, printing coupons…you name it! But one group of people of Facebook have been making interesting strides in how they use the site: Artists.

Sharing with people all over the world your artwork on your FB Fan page is a clever way to market yourself on the Internet. And creating a Facebook Fan page is free! There are groups to join, millions of people to interact with and thousands of potential prospects to make. Artists are using their Fan pages to share information about who they are, what shows they will be at and even showing their fans how to do their techniques via online videos.

You can even sell your artwork right from your fan page or direct visitors to a website or webstore. Did you know that Fan pages rank high in the search engines? Or that Facebook has over 350 million active members? What would that mean to your sales if you decided that selling your art online was the option you are considering?

Your art needs to be shared with the world. People everywhere deserve to see your talent. For no investment at all, you could have your art in front of the eyes of the world. Fan pages are free to join and free to build. The trick is setting it up to be able to sell your work, build quality relationships with fans, getting your page to the top of search engines and finding the right people that would be interested in your work. Even store owners and galleries are searching Fan pages to find artists that they would like to deal with.

It’s cheaper that an art show booth, trade show or even hosting your own home party. Fan pages are the number one marketing tool for turning friends into buying customers. Social networking is finally giving website owners the ability to talk to people in a real way. It is more personal, more interactive and more real than ever before. This is your time to move forward and build your own Fan club.

Making Fans Into Customers – The Facebook Secrets

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