HVAC System Maintenance

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HVAC System Maintenance

Before you get hit with holiday chores, save yourself some money by having your heating and cooling system checked and serviced. For heat pumps one thing is a must: Outdoor and indoor coils have to be clean. Let me explain why this is very important without being too technical. There are two major tasks that have to be present before a heat pump works properly on each cycle: Air movement across the indoor and outdoor coils and refrigerant pressure.

To provide heat during winter, heat pumps work by moving air across the outdoor coil. The refrigerant in the system picks up heat from the outside air that is being forced through the coil. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant and raises its temperature. Heated refrigerant moves inside your home to the indoor coil, air is forced through the coil where it picks up the heat produced by the heated refrigerant and finally the warm air is delivered to the occupied space.

Outdoor coils exposed to the ambient, suffers considerable deterioration due to dirt. On the other hand indoor coils, which are exposed to damp and dust can be clogged easily and can lead to air restriction. Clogged outdoor and indoor coils can slow the air flow being forced across. Outdoor and indoor motors have to work harder to maintain the designed air flow, so they consume more electricity. This condition leads to premature failure of electrical components, and lost of efficiency and comfort.

In the summer heat pumps works in reverse operation. Whether for heating or cooling, improper maintenance can be grounds for problems.
If well maintained, it’s most likely that you will get the comfort and efficiency you expect from the equipment. If not it will deteriorate.

Furnaces, which burn fuel to produce heat, are subjected to more stringent rules of care. One of the reasons is Carbon Monoxide leaks. CO is a poisoning gas and comes from different appliances in a home. Furnaces in general are one of the largest sources of CO because of the amount of fuel they consume.

Forced air furnaces are design to vent out the combustion gases to the atmosphere through the flue pipe. Combustion gases, can escape into the living area of the home, if the flue pipe is blocked, damaged or disengage, or if the heat exchanger is cracked.
Flue systems and heat exchangers have to be maintained through the life of the furnace to prevent CO leaks and corrosion.

Periodic maintenance to your heat pump or furnace will prevent future repairs and unwanted costs. It is best to check the heating system in the fall and the cooling system in the spring.

HVAC System Maintenance

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