How To Start Your Own Business (It’s Not Easy)

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How To Start Your Own Business (It’s Not Easy)

What makes a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Why are they different from you? Or are they?

It can be awfully frustrating to look around and see success everywhere when your own life isn’t all you dreamed of, but don’t lose hope, here are the top traits that lead to growth of your own business.

1. Constant Positive Attitude

This is the hardest thing on this list to pull off. After all, how many people actually have a positive outlook all the time? However, it’s also the most important thing on this list because a positive attitude is contagious. When embarking on any adventure, a positive attitude will rub off on everyone you interact with, including customers. Your clients will appreciate that you did that for them and will be more likely to come back (and give you more money)

2. Scary Persistence

If your friends and family don’t worry about how hard you try to make things work out, you are not persistent enough. Starting a business is highly stressful, totally demeaning at times, and the outcome looks bleak most of the time. However, one day it will all come together and your business will work. The founder of Netflix has a cool story to share about this. He had been working on the idea for a few years and things weren’t working out. He was broke and his car was broken down so he was walking to the bus stop. On that walk he got a text saying Netflix had almost magically reached 1 million users.

3. Vision With Blinders

You’ve got to keep your eyes on the prize. It’s impressively depressing to look at other successful businesses while your own company is struggling to survive. One look around can put you in such a bad state of mind that you give up. Tunnel vision is a necessary component of success.

4. Devotion

Your going to have to love whatever you start with, because your gonna be doing it for a long time. If you start a business purely to make money, that might work, but what if it takes 3 years for your idea to get off the ground? Then your stuck doing something you hate, and not getting paid for what will feel like forever. If you want true success, and to feel like a success, you’ve got to do something the you love – otherwise making money will be like pulling teeth.

How To Start Your Own Business (It’s Not Easy)

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