How to Make Money With AdSense – Article Writing and Posting

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How to Make Money With AdSense – Article Writing and Posting

Writing many articles for publication is one sure way to keep your name and expertise fresh in the minds of your readers, keep a steady flow of traffic to your site and by implication make money using Google AdSense. More traffic means higher aggregate conversion and higher conversion means more clicks on ads by Google and all these translate to more money in your kitty.

The Tip: Write More Articles and Post
Once you have written and posted one article, don’t sit back and relax like a couch potato, there is more work to be done. Remember, good money cannot be earned so easily, else everyone will leave their day jobs and blog. You should already be thinking about the next one you are going to write and publish and the next one, and the next one…

The more articles you write in your chosen niche and publish on your blog and/or an article directory site like EzineArticles, Goarticles or SearchWarp, the more the search engines will pick your site up and show the world; this will encourage to more traffic to your site. Joining these article directories as a publisher is free, and they will even encourage you regularly with tips on how to write many more good quality papers that will rank better on search engines.

Over time you will have hundreds of articles and should each one make you a dollar a day of revenue, for instance, then you could be well on your way to making a fortune with AdSense. Set a goal to write at least two articles per day (it doesn’t take more than an hour or two to do this). It is not difficult. Just read articles written by the more renowned publishers in your niche area and try to translate them to a high school kid in writing. You have original articles of your own.

In closing, remember that the right keywords related to your choice niche plus quality content reproduced and posted on article directories regularly will bring you steady traffic, and by implication, a steady online cash stream.

How to Make Money With AdSense – Article Writing and Posting

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