How to Improve Your Bowling in Cricket

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How to Improve Your Bowling in Cricket

Everyone has dips in performance when confidence is fragile and individuals begin to question their own abilities. Is it a human trait that we often only seek advice when performance is at its lowest ebb?

I have encountered experienced cricketers who are reluctant to take on changes to their bowling action even though they clearly are in need of guidance. Their reasoning is that once you let the genie out of the bottle it can never be replaced so if you set about altering technique the bowling action that once was can never be returned to.

This raises questions in my mind as to whether the personality of the performer can be a brake to development and if their ‘closed thinking’ might affect their potential to becoming a better player. A reluctance to implement alterations and test new techniques suggests to me that their way is the only means by which they believe they can propel the ball to the target – perhaps because in the past their bowling action has always worked for them.

But things can change without our knowledge… unwittingly the positions that were effortlessly found and that gave us those amazing match figures last month seem strangely elusive today.

Seeking improvement or even just maintaining form is highly desirable if you play for a living or for those individuals that spend a great deal of their spare time devoted to the game. Many of the world’s leading tennis players and golfers at the top of their tree now take a whole team of support staff on their travels. The personnel immediately available to the sporting elite could typically be a coach, fitness coach, physiotherapist, sports psychologist and nutritionist… you name it, the list is endless.

An experienced cricket coach will not dare to fix something which isn’t broken… particularly a method which suits the individual. The game is littered with unusual bowling actions that have stood up to the highest levels of pressure. Mr Malinga’s method of releasing a cricket ball wouldn’t be one I would recommend to a youngster to copy, but it cannot be disputed that what he does works for him.

If you are keen to get better, just preserve your present technique or intrigued to the possibilities that are out there then don’t fear the unknown, embrace it.

With the internet at your fingertips there are now surplus places where you can find coaching tips and drills to help you. From guides of how to bowl certain special deliveries through to individually tailored video email lessons your sure to find something that will improve your game.

How to Improve Your Bowling in Cricket

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