How Satellite Internet and Google Can Change Your Life

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How Satellite Internet and Google Can Change Your Life

Wherever in the world you live, “Google it” is a phrase you surely hear several times a day. But what exactly does it mean? What exactly does Google do and how can it change your life? Well, here is how, with a high speed satellite broadband connection, Google can change your life, as it has changed so many other people’s lives.

Google is, as you may have heard, an internet search engine. Type almost any word or phrase into the search box and Google will instantly turn up tens, maybe even thousands of results (assuming you have a high speed satellite internet connection and are not using dial-up! with dial-up the results are admittedly less than “instant”). The internet contains a truly tremendous amount of information, from newspaper and journal articles to pictures to professional websites like LinkedIn which list people’s work profiles. By running a Google search you can have access to all of this.

However, this is not the only thing that Google does. As anyone with a Gmail account knows, Google also provides a free e-mail service. This means that with a high speed satellite internet connection you can send and receive e-mails, photos and other attachments instantly. What makes Gmail unique from other e-mail servers though is the sheer size of the account that you are able to keep. Gmail accounts can hold a tremendous number of gigabytes and are constantly getting larger. This means that you never have to delete an e-mail because you have run out of space. Moreover, unlike some other e-mail accounts, Gmail does not delete your e-mail after a certain time unless you instruct it to. This means that you can keep all your old e-mails to return to if you want to re-read something or look take another look at a picture someone e-mailed to you.

Do you need to drive to someone’s house but have no idea where it is? With Google Maps you can not only locate the home on the map but can get directions there, as well. With the Street View function you can even see what the street looks like!

Google Documents is also another wonderful invention. With Google documents, you can store online copies of your important documents so you do not have to worry about losing them if your computer crashes. This also allows you to access these documents from any computer in the world with a satellite internet or other high speed internet connection. Plus, Google Documents gives you the option of allowing other users to access the documents so you can collaborate with friends and co-workers, as well.

Now, it used to be that you needed cable or DSL in order to get the high speed connection that is necessary to support Google and its many functions. As you probably already know if you live in a rural area or a remote village, cable and DSL are often unavailable outside of major city centers. However, with new satellite internet technology, high speed internet is available even in most remote locations. So find out today how Google and a high speed internet connection can change your life!

How Satellite Internet and Google Can Change Your Life

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