How Are Your Kidneys – The Eight Ways Your Weak Kidneys Could Be Ruining Your Health

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How Are Your Kidneys – The Eight Ways Your Weak Kidneys Could Be Ruining Your Health

How are your kidneys?

Fine, you might reply. However, is this the real situation?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is a view point that the kidneys are the root of Qi. They store the pre natal Qi (our genetic heritage) and the post natal Qi (derived from the food we eat and the air we breathe).

The function of the kidneys is very highly regarded in TCM. A dysfunction in the kidneys and their channels can cause a multitude of problems throughout the body.

The kidneys produce the bone marrow. The brain is composed of marrow, so problems with the brain could be linked back to kidney dysfunction.

The kidneys control the bones. Arthritis can be treated via the kidneys.

The kidneys govern water by transforming and transporting fluids throughout the body.Frequent urination, excessive fluid, swollen limbs, urgency and diarrhoea can be traced back to kidney weakness. The kidneys control birth, growth, development and human reproduction. Kidney weakness is a big factor in infertility or underdevelopment. Also, having children weakens the kidneys, as does ejaculation in men. Excessive ejaculation diminishes the kidney essence. Problems with premature ejaculation and male and female infertility would involve kidney treatments. The kidneys control the two lower orifices – the anus and the urethra. Urinary leakage, incontinence, nocturnal emissions and prolapse of the anus can be caused by weak kidneys.

The kidneys house will power. If you have weak kidneys your will power and determination will suffer. The kidneys open up into the ears. Tinnitus, hearing and ear problems are often the result of poor kidneys. The health of the kidneys can be seen through the health of the hair. Kidney energy makes the hair thrive. However, the hair is dispensable. If the kidneys are weak they must first provide essence to the other major organs. If there is no essence left, then the hair misses out. This is why hair falls out when people undergo chemotherapy.

The kidney is under assault from the toxic chemicals in the chemotherapy and the first thing it releases is the hair. If you have a problem with your kidneys you may be having dreams about water. If you have been having dreams about shipwrecks or drowning, then consider your kidney health.The kidneys have a special relationship with the heart and lungs so weakness of the kidneys is often reflected in reciprocal weaknesses in these organs. You might not realize that asthma is attributed to kidney weakness. The kidney weaknesses I have been discussing are not necessarily able to be picked up by medical tests. The weaknesses are often in the kidney channels. The emotion that affects the kidney is fear.

If you have suffered from excessive fear in your life then there is a big possibility that your kidneys have been weakened. When you are really scared you can feel pain in your kidneys. You could also urinate more frequently. Stress has an impact on the kidneys too. The adrenal glands sit right above the kidneys and when you are under stress they produce adrenaline. Adrenaline is a toxic chemical which needs to be dispersed by a fight or flight situation. However, if we just sit still, then the adrenaline remains in our bodies and will damage internal organs, the first being the kidneys. The kidneys resonate with the color black. Try to eat black sesame seeds, black wood ear fungus, black mushrooms and black pasta that has been colored with squid ink. Asian supermarkets stock plenty of naturally black foods.

One food that might not take your fancy but which is extremely beneficial to the kidneys is Sea Slug. Black in color, Sea Slug is available in the frozen food section of Chinese supermarkets. It will definitely benefit kidney yang and I have heard amazing stories about how it has brought about cures in people with huge health issues.

Just eating a little each day would be adequate.Kidneys are also tonified by eating beans as, under the doctrine of signatures, beans are shaped like kidneys. If you eat black beans you will be doubly blessed! Eating kidney meat is also beneficial for the kidneys (under the rule of like cures like).Walnuts are shaped like brains and they are excellent for brain health. Also, acupuncture is a wonderful therapy for strengthening the kidneys. Good luck in bringing your kidneys back to optimal health.

How Are Your Kidneys – The Eight Ways Your Weak Kidneys Could Be Ruining Your Health

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