Horse Race Betting – Consider the Time of the Year

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Horse Race Betting – Consider the Time of the Year

When you are horse race betting there are a great number of factors that can influence your choice of horse that you place your money on. However, one that is often over looked is the actual time of the year.

In the UK there are basically two horse racing seasons, the flat which runs between March and November and Nation Hunt or Jump racing which runs from September until April. With All weather flat racing and summer jump meetings they season may have become slightly merged but basically that it the position.

At the beginning of the season there are a lot of unknowns for the punter. Some horses do not carry their form over from one season to the next. This can be especially true of 2 years old flat horse that have an excellent first season but cannot reproduce the same type of performances as a three year old. Also early on in the season a horses fitness has to be taken on trust.

At this time of the year it can pay to look for “early season” horses that run their best races when fresh and trainers who usually start with early season winners.

Once the season has settled down which is usually after about two months most horses will have had one or two runs to sharpen them up and will be ready to perform at their best. The punter will now have some current form to consider and it is not surprising that at this time of the year the more fancied horses tend to win more regularly.

Punters can benefit greatly by studying trainers trends. If you know the trainers that are capable and likely to send out their horse fully tuned up and ready to win first time out this can give you a big advantage. Equally if you know the trainers who like to tune up their horses by giving them one or two races before they get to their best then this can also give you the edge.

At the end of the season results can be affected by the ground conditions. At the end of the flat season it tends to become wetter and the going heavier which is not to the liking of many race horses. Alternatively at the end o of the National Hut season the better weather arrives and the ground becomes firmer and this can affect results.

Horse Race Betting – Consider the Time of the Year

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