Google Apps Mail – An Email Service for Modern Businesses

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Google Apps Mail – An Email Service for Modern Businesses

Google Apps mail or Gmail, as it is named now, has been with us for many years and offers all the basics you would expect from any email service plus some very good extras.

In business it cannot be emphasised too strongly the huge importance placed on being able to communicate quickly and efficiently. If a business could operate by the use of language and voices alone then all we would have to do was speak into any old telephone. However if your company could survive on verbalisation alone you would be a rarity within the business community.

Business conversations generally lead to actions and a great many of those actions would need the use of a computer at some stage. I guarantee that all of those actions would mean getting something, whether it is a report, spreadsheet, figures, images or just a file or folder, to somebody else. And let’s be fair we are way past the days of reading this type of information out whilst another writes it down or sending poor quality facsimiles; provided you have access to a fax machine.

The Gmail version contained within Google Apps comes with the following features as standard: –
• Instant Messaging allows you to converse in real time for quick non-verbal chats
• Live voice communication when a proper conversation needs to take place
• Live video chat when you wish to see the ‘whites of their eyes’ or just want to see a friendly face
• 25GB’s, yes gigabytes, of storage for every user; this is 50 times more than the industry average
• 24/7 access to your account wherever you are on whatever computer you are using
• Apps available for all leading Smartphone’s, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android platform apps,
• Google powered search capability to locate elusive emails in your inbox in an instant
• Spam filtering by Gmail
• Postini to give you full control over your implementation of your spam filters
• 99.99% uptime

An important factor of having a Cloud Computing Service that provides all of these exceptional tools is that you can use them wherever you are from whatever computer you have available.

Unfortunately if you are a Microsoft Outlook user you only get the full use of what it has to offer when you are seated in front of your own computer; if you are using another computer you will only get the thin version, Microsoft Outlook Web Access.

To sum up, as a business operating in the modern world of information sharing you are looking for a communications suite that has all the capabilities to stay in contact wherever you are and from whichever computer you have access to then Google Apps and Gmail goes far beyond your expectations.

Google Apps Mail – An Email Service for Modern Businesses

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