Filming on Location in Mauritius – When To Go

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Filming on Location in Mauritius – When To Go

Mauritius with its beautiful beaches, lush palms, azure waters and varied terrain is everybody’s idea of the perfect tropical island location. A holiday paradise, it is also in great demand from film productions of all shapes and sizes, from glitzy Bollywood movies to big name commercials and catalogue shoots. So if you are considering Mauritius as your next film location, when is the best time to schedule the shoot?

The simplest answer is that Mauritius is an all year destination, with a relatively mild tropical climate and 7-9 hours of sunshine daily throughout the year. Having said that, there are definite differences between winter and summer, which are worth bearing in mind when planning.

Summer in Mauritius goes from November through to April and is generally warm and humid. The average summer high is about 30C, with a night time low of 23C, but it can peak in the mid thirties on the coast and the humidity makes it feel hotter. Rainfall is highest in summer with a higher risk of tropical storms or cyclones occurring in January and February. On the whole though, rain showers are of short duration, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine a day even through the rainy season.

The north and west coasts of Mauritius receive less rain than the south and east coasts, which are more exposed to the prevailing south easterly trade winds, so are wetter and windier in the rainy season – worth keeping in mind when location hunting if you plan to shoot in January or February.

Winters, from May to November, are several degrees cooler with a much lower humidity and significantly lower rainfall, though with a typical island climate you never lose the humidity factor entirely.

In the higher altitudes of the interior of the island, temperatures are lower than on the coast, but the humidity tends to be a relatively stable 90% throughout the year and the rain when it falls can be torrential.

The driest and sunniest months throughout the island tend to be August to early December, when it is also less windy, so this is a particularly appealing time to visit when you are looking for blue skies and still waters.

Water temperatures are fairly even year round with a balmy 27C in summer and a very tolerable 22C in winter, so filming beach, boating and water activities is viable at any time of year. Surfers count the winter months as some of the best surfing times of the year in Mauritius.

Other factors to consider: the peak tourist season is from September to March, with December the busiest month of all, charging the highest accommodation prices. August, being the main school holiday month in Europe, also attracts family holiday makers, especially from France.

Get more detailed advice from a film production company that specialises in Mauritius, who will be able to advise on more specific weather patterns in the very varied and appealing locations to be experienced on Mauritius.

Filming on Location in Mauritius – When To Go

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