Fastest Method To Infect Your PC With Spyware And Adware

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Fastest Method To Infect Your PC With Spyware And Adware

If you follow this advice, you eliminate 90% of the risk involved with ad ware and spy ware infections.

If you do not use the Internet you will not get any infections. When you connect to the Internet you visit one of these three types of sites. Dangerous sites, low risk sites or safe sites.

Illegal websites and porn sites are the most dangerous sites.

Ad ware, spy ware, trojans and malware are all dangerous so called objects. Virus and toolbars are also very common. If you want to keep your computer more safe from these bad objects you can start now doing the following:

1 Reduce or eliminate the porn websites you visit. Porn sites are one of the two types of websites that are very dangerous. Ad ware and spy ware and related infections most often come from these porn sites.

If you are a porn lover, you can still visit these type of sites by searching on the yahoo images at That will allow you to find anything assuming safe search in off. You can turn it off and on anytime. When safe search is on yahoo does not allow porn related images to appear in the results.

So instead of directly visiting the websites, you are visiting them from the site. Google images, videos, videos and yahoo videos are also great places to find this type of content without actually visiting the sites.

You cannot see spy ware and ad ware but now you know where it is likely to be found. Your anti ad ware and spy ware software can alert you of possible dangers. However there is more than just spy ware or ad ware. Your software even though it might be the best one on the Internet today it cannot always and instantly identify all dangerous websites. That is why it is best to avoid visiting porn sites at all.

Porn sites includes also porn forums and message boards. Porn groups are not very common and if they are located on Google groups, yahoo groups, groups and the other common groups they are probably safe.

Installing multiple software will not do much good. It slows down your PC performance. The tested and proven method is to avoid visiting these type of sites at all.

New spy ware and ad ware are created all the time. That is another reason why you should always make sure the software you are using is up to date. All popular anti ad ware and spy ware software allow you to update your software. Check for updates regularly, best of all it takes only a few minutes.

2 The second most dangerous websites are illegal sites. Let me give you examples of these kind of sites.

Forums or websites providing software cracks, cheats, illegal content, scams, spam and so on. These types of sites are the ones you should try to avoid. If you visit them you are at risk of infecting your PC with spy ware or ad ware. The risk increases if you register or download cracks, videos and any other content.

Try to get feedback before you visit a certain forum. Maybe you find some people who where already members and they got infected. Yahoo Answers is a great place to get feedback. People will quickly tell you if something is not worth looking at.

So do not just rely on your anti virus, ad ware or spy ware software. It is not enough. The software is there and is a must but it is also important to avoid those two types of sites.

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Fastest Method To Infect Your PC With Spyware And Adware

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