Facebook Overview

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Facebook Overview

Description: Facebook started out as a college student-only social network. Facebook is similar to MySpace as it allows people to upload content such as videos or personal profiles. Wildly popular with young people, and now over 50% of the members are over 40 years old!

Facebook Overview

Facebook has now been a social networking website for awhile now, but what most people don’t know is that Facebook started out just for college students to interact. As college students starting passing the word around it became one of the most popular websites on the internet. Facebook saw the potential and opened membership up to everyone so now millions of people around the world use Facebook as a means to socialize. Apart from meeting and socializing with people there is a lot more that you’re capable of doing on Facebook and more new features are added everyday. Facebook has a very modern and sleek looking template that is very easy to navigate through which is one reason it’s become so popular over time. A lot of people that use social networks aren’t very knowledgeable when it comes to navigating a computer screen, but Facebook does its best to make the user experience enjoyable.


Show Pictures of Yourself

Invite anyone with an email

Share stories

Great for meeting people

Amazing Applications


Chat – Private Messages

+ a lot more

Friends and family can all get together in one place and talk on Facebook which makes it really cool and one of the best ways families can keep in touch with each other. The news feed that displays as your homepage once you sign-in to your profile is where the magic happens. You can view all the new things happening on your friends and families profile from one direct interface which makes keeping up with all the gossip as easy as reading one page.

There are many settings that can be chosen when setting up your profile which limits the people who will be able to see your profile. If you only want your friends and family to be able to view your profile then you’re able to choose that setting. This will make your profile guarded and also everything on your profile including your pictures. For safety and security reasons it’s best to have your profile on limited status so that only friends can see it, as there is no reason for any strangers to be looking at your profile.

When you join Facebook you also join what’s called a network, you can join multiple networks as well and what it does is allows people from the same network to find your profile easier. Networks consist of cities, countries and even schools. So there is always a network that you can join and then anyone else from the network will be able to view your profile easier. It’s great for finding old school mates simply because you can search through any school network so as long as the person joined the network you’ll be able to find them on Facebook.

Facebook Overview

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