Facebook – A Love-Hate Relationship

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Facebook – A Love-Hate Relationship

I signed up for a Facebook account for two reasons:

A. I thought it’d be a good way to keep connected with my friends and family overseas. A window into their lives, one might say.

B. Our boss asked us to interact with our company’s Facebook page.

You might be thinking, “Awesome, you can legitimately be on Facebook during working hours,” and to some degree, you’re right. What I want to know though is how people who are not supposed to be on Facebook during working hours (am not referring to the self-employed ) manage to update their status every 10mins? Seriously, people announce that they’re about to have a cup of coffee, making their coffee, drinking their coffee, going to the loo because they had coffee. Does this seem a little obsessive compulsive to you? Addictive perhaps?.. Now, don’t get me wrong, I too am a little hooked on finding out what people are doing, what photo’s they’ve uploaded, where they’ve been, where they’re going and what they’re thinking, however, I definitely do not twitch or foam at the mouth from withdrawal, if I don’t get a chance to check my profile daily. Nor do I think it necessary for one to ceaselessly update one’s posts with generally menial information.

Having said that I think Facebook is a lot of fun and so, as a relatively new Facebook user, I thought I’d see what material is out there to help people utilise this site to its maximum potential. This was inspired by someone who recently posted a comment on their own Wall, thinking they had posted it on somebody else’s Wall…..I proceeded to respond to their comment without paying attention ie. the comment displayed on my Home/News page but at the time I thought I was on my own Wall….You can imagine how amusing that was.

So, I referred to our mutual friend Google, who informed me that available there is ‘Facebook 101’, ‘How to Use Facebook Professionally’, ‘5 Tips for Better Social Networking’, ‘Newbies Facebook Guide’, ‘Ultimate Facebook Guide’, ‘Facebook 101 – 25 Tips & Tricks’ and so much more. In fact, the list seems rather endless, considering that this is supposed to be a user-friendly social networking site, right? Or at least that’s what I thought. In any case, having browsed through some of the above mentioned resources, I’ve come up with a list of a few of my favourite FB tips (and they are surprisingly simple):

  • Don’t overdo your interests. People don’t want to read an essay.
  • Start off by inviting your actual friends and family. Let’s leave the random ‘friends’ alone. Remember that although every random friend is somebody’s actual friend, you do not have to make them your friend.
  • When writing on your friends’ walls bear in mind that everyone can see what you’ve posted…
  • Avoid an overload of your own status updates. There’s only so much people find entertaining, and knowing that you’re blowing your nose is not one of them!
  • You might want to consider using your privacy settings. Seriously people – use them…

Since I joined FB, I’ve come to realise that it is not as simple as it seems. Now that’s not to say that the applications aren’t simple but rather that it is not logically set out. It is also flawed. There are times when posts update, and times when they don’t; messages sometimes do and sometimes don’t display; photo’s sometimes load and sometimes don’t etc… These issues can sometimes be problematic. My friend, for example, didn’t respond to a comment posted by her sister-in-law because it literally didn’t appear. She was notified of it but could never view it. Eventually the sister-in-law started asking if she’d done something, in light of the lack of response. True story..You can imagine how awkward that can become. It is positively infuriating!

At the same time though, finding old friends, being able to connect with people – literally stay in touch on a weekly, daily, or even hourly (if you’re one of ‘those’ FB users) basis -, has been loads of fun. Having people comment on our company’s FB page, being able to interact with them and appealing to a funkier clientele base, has been a breath of fresh air (corporate can be a bit tedious:). Weighing up all its pros and cons, I have to admit (slightly wryly) that I have become a true fan. And the love part is slightly outweighing the hate part – until the next glitch that is. How about you?

Facebook – A Love-Hate Relationship

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