Donald Trump Jr. speaks about COVID death is under control on the day when practically 1000 individuals in United States passed away due to the infection

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Seems that the COVID is taking a toll on the lives of people throughout the world. The US is almost struggling with the infection as well as the death rate. Millions of people are dying every day due to the deadly virus. On Thursday while talking about the virus and control measures, Donald Trump Jr. said that the situation is under control. He said that the COVID deaths are almost nothing. On the same day, almost a thousand Americans died out of COVID infection. In addition, the cases make a record.

President’s oldest son on Thursday mentioned on Fox News that the situation is coming under control slowly. He also said that CNN’s Sanjay Gupta and others who warned voters to go for fourteen days quarantine are morons. The reason behind this is that the Americans attended Trump’s rally. The health officials said that daily death was average in spring. However, as winter is approaching, the death rate is rising to 1000 daily. Almost 974 fatalities recorded on Thursday. On Wednesday, almost 994 people died Wednesday.

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More updates on the COVID in the US

Donald Trump Jr said, ‘I put it on my Insta account a couple of days ago because I went through CDC. Every day I keep hearing about new infections. Why they are talking-why, aren’t they talking about deaths? Oh, oh! Because the numbers are almost nothing because we have taken things under control. He also added, ‘We have the therapeutics to deal with it. If you look at my Instagram, COVID deaths are almost nothing currently. We are outperforming Europe in a positive way. We have gotten a hold of it.’

The presidential elections in the US are almost knocking at the door, and the coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and death is increasing. Finally, on Wednesday the average rate of daily infection broke all the records. As per one of the data from John Hopkins University from 28 October, the seven-day rolling average for new deaths rose. The counted number was of daily death rate and the rate increased from 724 to 787.

Donald Trump has constantly criticized Biden since he said he would follow scientists and Democrats should shut the US. However, Donald Trump Jr. on Fox News said, ‘They want to shut down the country. Why do not we shut down for ten to fifteen years? Why do not we do that? Your kid can learn from their iPhones.

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