Diving Through The Collapsing Wave

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Diving Through The Collapsing Wave

Diving Through The Collapsing Wave ©2020 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

After a year and a half of commuting to New York to care for my brother who’s had a stroke, the exhaustion caught up with me and I put a pause on my regular ezine/blog posts and you tube videos. I felt like I was saying the same thing over and over again.

I thought I’d start up again in February but the Coronavirus swept across the world, and it seems I was in front of it. The first reported cases in the US were in the Seattle area in February, and I attended a large gathering at the Seattle Center on February 22nd. Then I flew to New York City just as a single case was reported there. On March 1st I flew to Spain, and over the seventeen days there I got to witness the city of Madrid shift from being rarely casual about the outbreak (“there are only 400 cases in a city of 4 million”, to completely locking down on March 14th – people were not even allowed out to exercise. Only one person in a car. You could be fined 50-600 euros for being on the street if you weren’t going grocery shopping for essentials.

I flew back to NYC on March 17th and self-isolated for 14 days. I thought I only had a cold but now with better awareness of the symptoms am convinced it was a mild version of COVID19. While in NYC my sister in law came down with much more recognizable symptoms, and I was there a full month helping her recover and doing my best to keep my disabled brother from catching it.

I’ve been on Vashon Island since April 16th (did not leave the house at all for the first 14 days) and feel like I’m only just getting my head above water.

It’s been an intense few months and it ain’t over yet.

Regardless of what city I’m in, the fear is palpable whenever I go out. I’ve been hesitant to give a spiritual perspective on what is happening, feeling that neutrality could be mistaken for being disconnected or in denial. Also, if I’m so good at what I do, why am I in this parallel Universe? Why haven’t I changed, fixed, or manipulated this hologram?

Here’s the thing – this is all part of the Consciousness shift. What is breaking down, what is disintegrating in our lives whether physically or emotionally, is because greater Consciousness is coming into form.

Now I used to resist the doom-and-gloomers who said, ‘not everybody is going to make it’. And yet, wow, we’re seeing an awful lot of death in a short period of time. But a way to look at it is, there is no death, our loved ones have just left their physical forms for the loving embrace of greater Consciousness. There’s no good or bad about dying or the amount of time you spend in one lifetime in physical form. Also from my “5D” perspective, there are parallel universes where their bodies are still alive. And as Consciousness we’re always connected, whether we’re together in body or not.

My interpretation of “5D” isn’t that we’re all going to shift into it, one of my favorite astrologers thinks that means death. What I have found is, as I experience myself as Greater Consciousness coming more into my body that my reality feels lighter and more fluid. Time is malleable. Grounding is different. Physical reality is less dense. It’s like going from dialup to wifi.

As Consciousness, I’m in total agreement with what is going on, even as my personality rages against it. It’s not about superimposing a rosy vision on what is. It’s more like observing as a city or neighborhood or world goes through an upgrade. Telephone poles get taken down, sewers gets dug up, squalid tenements get condemned.

Right now it’s very glaring that this is a world of opposites. The loudest and weakest are in power, the old paradigms they’re fighting so hard to continue imposing are fading away. What is emerging, I see, is a new, internal sense of empowerment, that we are all inherently and uniquely valuable. As we expand in our awareness, the old definitions are fading away as well, in terms of gender and sex.

It ain’t easy, and it won’t be over in a minute or a month, this transition will continue to unfold.

A while back while playing in the waves at the beach, I learned not to turn my back to the ocean when a giant wave came towards me. You just dive through it to the other side. As these waves of change come towards us, face them, take a deep breath, and dive through them. Reality will be a lot more fun on the other side.

Diving Through The Collapsing Wave

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