Cricketer’s Diplomacy Shame – Australian Dirty Tourney Part-8

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Cricketer’s Diplomacy Shame – Australian Dirty Tourney Part-8

Mr Peter Rebock said that they are Wild Dogs. Is it true? World cricket fans have not only to decide but also to contribute their views on the future course of actions by International Cricket Control (ICC) and various countries Cricket Boards. The so-called Australian Cricketers supremacy in the game and their means to gain the first place, both need review.

I will debate an issue of the Australian and Gori Chamri (White Skinned) countries which have not only followed the dual standards, but also had repeatedly exhibited a biased approach towards Gori Chamri European (GCE) and Black Chamri Asians (BCA) during various matches. Is it proper? Of course, yes to some extent. If the readers agree with the views what I said, I feel to applause; or else pardon Australian’s for being inharmonic. Infact, I would say that Australians have been the worst players ever since Ponting assumed captaincy, The follow what I call Diplomacy of Dirty Cricket Abhorrence (DoDCA).

Firstly, at the very first instance I would like to discuss Muthaia Murlidharan of Sri Lanka to whom the Australians have made world famous as a Chucker. It was only Australian cricketer’s sick minded gimmick to get their player at top scalping highest wickets. Despite of ICC clearance the Australian Cricketers were determined to get Murlidharan discarded. What a nonsense way of getting first place. I believe that the Australian Cricketers, who were afraid of playing magical spin of Murli, had tried to get him redundant as Chucker. What a shameful way of fame to gain first position. They have again played the same DoDCA with Harbhajan of India Cricket Team (ICT) and another Pakistani player. So far, all such gimmicks have given boost to High headed Australian Cricketers (HAC) which ultimately ended on 26 December 2007 when entire ICT was bowled out two create history for HAC through DoDCA. The HAC have time and again exhibited the bad sporting Spirit through;

One; un-player like conduct both on and off the fields;

Two; unsporting conduct at field;

Three; repeatedly exhibited Dirty Body Language Gestures (DBLG) on field;

Four; Trying to influence umpires through Nasty Visual Acts (NVA);

Five; repeated exhibited foul mouthed behavior when bowlers are hammered or batsmen are given out;

Five; telling lies to umpire which was clearly evident when Ponting appealed for a grounded catch for Indians at Sydney; and

Six; the most important is their Bigheaded, Arrogant and Egoistic behavior.

Secondly, I extend my heartiest felicitations to ICT and all the people who had condemned the bad Sporting Sprit of Game (SSG) exhibited by the present bunch of Cocky Offender Cricketers of Australia nick named COCA. How does it matters to a common man whether any player performs or not, but certainly it matters to most of the Indian Cricket Fans (ICF) and the World Cricket Fans (WCF) when their favorite players do not performs. Ponting had not only shamed the Gentlemen game but also shamed his own conduct and position as a gentlemen player. So far his DBLG have always exhibited bad facial and hand signs to visiting teams. His most soiled and condemnable act was when he nearly kicked out Mr Sharad Powar, the President of Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) before a photo session.

Thirdly, I would also debate about the role of umpires, their bad decisions and its effect on a Cricket Series. The six wrong decisions in one inning cannot be by errors or default but it is really planned. I would like to educate WCF as to:

1) How can an umpire give all six wrong decisions against ICT and not even a single against Australian players?

2) How could umpire not see a grounded ball catch?

3) Why ICC did not cancel the Sydney Test which made HAC sixteenth consecutive win through Proxy Umpires Deceitful Actions (PUDA)?

4) Why Ponting is not being penalized for willful lies for a grounded catch?

Some of my readers have said that the articles are deeply analytical which provide in-depth assertions about commitment of subject. I feel that:

A) ICT team should withdraw from Australia for the good of game;

B) BCCI should demand action against Ponting;

C) Australian Cricket Board should remove Ponting for cause shame to game;

D) Australian must play Cricket as a gentlemen Game;

E) Punish all HAC for bad DBLG and NVA.

At last I would suggest that India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other
African cricket playing countries to should ICC headquarters to Asia and remove the White hegemony forever. When most of the revenue is generated from Asian countries only, then why should ICC be dominated by whites if at all there is a sense of apartheid amongst White Skinned Europeans (WSE).

Cricketer’s Diplomacy Shame – Australian Dirty Tourney Part-8

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