Coronavirus: Got You Stuck Inside? Make Your Time Valuable With These 5 Easy Activities

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Coronavirus: Got You Stuck Inside? Make Your Time Valuable With These 5 Easy Activities

At the time of this writing (April 28, 2020) we (most all the US and many in the world) are stuck inside our homes due to the Coronavirus. Most everything is closed–restaurants, movie theaters, and even our churches.

When you turn on the news and find the anchors televising their segments from their homes, you can be sure that we are seriously stuck inside.

While confined to your home, you have a choice. You can bemoan your circumstances and constantly complain.

Or you can choose to use your time for something valuable. In which case, you elect to do something which may make a difference even 100 years from now. You may do something today that could help your great-great-grandchild.

Wouldn’t you like to do something different today? You may be asking yourself, “What can I do inside my home?”

For starters, look at the following activities. Does one motivate you?

1. Write a Heart-touching Note to Your Son or Daughter

Perhaps you exchanged some harsh words during a disagreement. A little note with sincere words of “I love you” may help alleviate your tense situation. Say a prayer as you write it. See what happens.

2. Write a Story for Your Grandchildren or Future Grandchildren

Do you have an active imagination? Write one of your stories and gain some Granny points. Name your characters the names of your grandchildren. If there is a four-pawed critter in your story give it the same name as your grandchildren’s pet. They’ll love it and will love you even more.

3. Create a “Thinking about You” Card.

Do you know of someone who is feeling down? Spend a few moments writing her/him a note. You may like to make it a simple note to an elderly neighbor. You might say something like: “I miss your smile” or “I miss seeing you walking your cute dog.”Any little note may make a world of difference to that person.

4. Write a Favorite Recipe for Your Son/Daughter

My Mom passed away a little over two months ago. During the last few weeks, our family enjoyed talking and texting about and creating some of Mom’s special “dishes”. Your children or grandchildren may one day wish for your special recipes.

Hint: you probably already have some of your recipes on your computer and you can simply click the print button. Do that. But also give them one in your handwriting. After someone you love passes away, you cherish something written in their handwriting.

I’d like to suggest that you get someone to take a picture of you holding the special cake or casserole. Add that to your recipe. Then share all with your select loved ones.

5. Pray for Your Loved Ones

Pen a prayer for each one of your children and grandchildren. That’s the best and most powerful thing you can do for them. Your down-time will become your up-lifting time.

So there you have it. It’s your choice. You can choose to sit on the sofa with the remote stuck firmly in your hand or you can choose to do something valuable for others.

Today turn your “shelter in place” time into a priceless experience for you and perhaps a cherished keepsake for some of your loved ones.

How about one activity today? After all, when will you have more time?

Coronavirus: Got You Stuck Inside? Make Your Time Valuable With These 5 Easy Activities

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