Coronavirus and the Scriptures

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Coronavirus and the Scriptures

I read recently, about a group of people who became lost in the wildest region of the jungle, and were in great danger. The leader of the group bravely suggested that we might pray. To which, someone replied ‘oh, no, has it come to that’?

Generally speaking, whenever the term prayer is mentioned, it conjures up petitioning words to God. And, of course there is nothing whatever wrong with this positive approach. Accept, after we’ve put out our ‘urgent’ petitioning words there is this perceived delay period, of waiting for God to evaluate matters, weigh up the facts and then respond in some way to our words.

But, there are many wonderful verses in scripture — with regard to our overall concerns — which direct our attention to that of silent prayer activity.

The Bible further reminds us of the need to be healthy in every aspect of our Being — of mind, body and soul – that all three elements are to be functioning harmoniously. The Bible is more than a great work of spiritual insight for the mind to muse over, for mental comfort or ego gratification.

But, with regard to the present threat to human well-being, where does the Bible provide direct practical assistance in our defense against the coronavirus?

It’s time now to really stretch the Bible’s interpretations beyond narrow religiosity and literalism, and expand its interpretation into general physiology-relating areas. I mean, when the scriptures were being compiled — by the learned of the day — they too must have been confronted with ‘plagues’, or viruses of that era.

So, in this context, in biblical language, where specifically does it tell us how we may deal successfully with the situation that now threatens the well-being of the individual soul globally? Where in the Bible can we turn to with certainty beyond petitioning words.

For being spectacularly obvious, I’ve chosen first, Ephesians 6-11-16 and later, Matthew 25:40-45 as prime qualifying examples regards defense against coronavirus.

“So put on God’s Armour Now” Ephesians: 6-13

Regards coronavirus, relating esoterically to these chosen scriptures is of the utmost importance, in fact, it’s vital!

Ephesians 6-11 further states: “put on all the Armour that God gives you, so that you will be able to stand up against the devil’s evil tricks”.

And again Ephesians 6-16 “at all times carry faith as a shield; for with it you will be able to put out all the burning arrows shot by the evil one”.

When we read “put on ALL the Armour that God gives you”, and, ‘put on God’s Armour now’, how does all this then fit, in relation to coronavirus?

Literal reading of these scriptures don’t offer the immediate assistance demanded globally, but, esoterically, they do, as we shall see soon.

At this point, we need to introduce the word antibodies. For, when we talk of God’s full Armour, this Armour is referring to strengthening our immune system which comprises antibodies known as immunoglobulins or immune blood cells. These antibodies are the miracle workers which carryout God’s work within the physical body, and have done so for thousands of years BC.


The enemy to a healthy immune system basically is chronic stress: unabated stress is public enemy number one to the immune system. Putting on God’s Armour therefore initially involves combating stress and eliminating it from our system. We do this by activating the flow of serotonin – the happy hormone — in the brain, which, in the process, produces more and more antibodies to defend against any virus entering our body. Without a healthy-functioning immune system, the body, and all its health-giving workers, the antibodies, are left to the ravishes of the antigens.

It’s these antibodies, the good guys, or immunoglobulins, which ensure against the antigens, the bad guys, from depleting or weakening our immune system.

The next verse makes this point even more clearer.

Matthew: 25-40 “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me”

This scripture is truly the greatest verse for assistance regards the present global situation. It has always fascinated me. And even more fascinating is that much of this information was dramatically expounded so long ago by the great Socrates, and also by the ancient enlightened Rishis of India, from where much of today’s Christianity originated.

The obvious and most compelling question is: who are ‘the least of these my brethren’? Truly this is ‘the’ most critical question.

The answer

‘the least of my brethren’ are the atoms, the molecules, the cells, in the body.

The atom is the smallest unit of matter and retains all the chemicals of an element. Thus, the atom can be referred to as pure energy-matter. A typical atom consists of protons, neurons, and electrons.

The atom cannot be destroyed but only transformed. In other words, our entire energy-physicality field can undergo change from a lower vibratory state to a higher vibratory state, but can never be destroyed.

Now, of course, there are many fine morally-based reasons for being kind to other people who may be less well-off spiritually, mentally or even financially, than ourselves. That goes without saying. We don’t need a scripture to remind of us that – it’s in our DNA.

Thus, the words ‘the least’ and ‘brethren’ are reference to the individual atoms and molecules, the molecular/ cellular structure which make up the body’s indestructible eternal energy force pattern.

Without healthy molecular/cellular formation, of course, we cannot know healthy physicality. And, through this mind-physicality dynamic, any activity which causes ‘brethren’ or atom/molecule/cell suffering and decline from optimal functioning, is equivalent to our doing unto our own inner Christ, which potential Christ expression resides within each atom/molecule/cell.

Any ignorance-induced life-style which prevents healthy atom proliferation into becoming a spiritually functioning unit, is doing unto the least, or, we doing unto our own Christ within. We do this unwittingly and spectacularly by lowering the standard of our neuroendocrine system and its participation in producing healthy immune cells in the body temple.

Matthew 26:44-45 qualifies this unwitting behavior even more amazingly. “Then they will answer him, when, Lord, did we ever see you hungry or thirsty, or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and would not help you? The King will reply, I tell you, whenever you refused to help one of these least important ones, you refused to help me.”

In other words, it’s during the stillness of meditation, when transcendental silence is potently to the fore, that each of ‘the least’ — the atoms, cells, molecules — become nourished, showered and cloth in immune strength, consequent of a divinely-empowered Thymus gland and its outpourings of mature antibodies into the blood flow.

What Matthew 26-40-45 boils down to is a lesson in quantum physics, and is particularly relating to the neuroendocrine system, or the glandular system. This scripture is not anything about the literal-religion teachings most of us have been brainwashed into believing.

As expounded here in Matthew, the emphasis now globally is on the need to increase immune-cell activity into the body.

Building Immunity within

While the Armour of God also includes faith, such faith, of course, has to be developed over time. Thus, for many people, the development of spiritual faith is seen as long-term, therefore is not particularly straight forward for some at this time. For dealing with coronavirus today, many are in need of an immediate practical approach, solution, one that works effectively at the atom/cellular/molecular level. But, of course, in practicing the method I’m about to reveal, one’s faith — from whatever culture or generation we’re expressing through – will automatically be activated.

Thus God has unconditionally given ALL people, in ALL generations, the ALL for practically dealing with vital health issues. These viral events happened many times in history before, and is why they’re mentioned in scriptures.

The God-Given Method of achieving a healthy immune system

This, of course, is not a medical overview, obviously. Rather it’s the accumulation of spiritual knowledge based on my own meditative experiences and Self-revelation understanding of the scriptures from their practical perspective.

The practical means, therefore, of dealing with the present world situation, is daily meditation. Meditation essentially is seated yoga also known as Raja Yoga, meaning, ‘Royal Union’. But don’t get caught-up in these fancy descriptive titles. It’s the practice and results that matter totally.

Repeated daily meditation dissolves stress, which in turn allows for production of extra vital antibodies. Which in turn scavenge away any foreign invader(s) antigens which may be thinking of taking up residence in our body due to the invite-nature of residual stress. In other words, don’t make our body attractive to antigens by storing accumulations of deep stress brought on by unresolved emotional issues and wrong life-style choices. Thus prevention eliminates the need for cure.

Often referred to as the ‘floating brain’, thus a healthy functioning immune system knows only to dissuade, disarm and destroy any foreign invaders (antigens) from entering our body — effectively and efficiently.

To further strengthen the immune system, the body, in meditation, secretes Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland. This naturally-occurring process declines with age, hence the need of meditation for its continued vital production.

The Method and how to do it

To start, sit on a chair. Commence with a few left-right alternate nostril breathing: breath in through left nostril and out through right nostril, breath back in through right nostril and out breath again through left nostril – complete about 3-4 repetitions over a two-minute period. In yogic terms, this is known as pranayama. This practice helps induce calm while also oxygenating the brain cells.

Remaining seated, now, with palms facing upwards, thumb and index fingers joined easily, bring the awareness lightly between the eyebrows. Do not force an experience. Just park the awareness here for now.

When feeling settled, repeat the biblical word: Ma-Ra-Na-Tha quietly and silently to oneself. This mantra simply means ‘come holy spirit’. The mantra is only a means of quietening the mind, it does not have any other purpose whatever.

If the mind drifts — and it will, this is normal — pause for a couple of seconds, then calmly, without rushing, bring the awareness back to the mantra and recommence thinking/hearing the mantra silently within. Repeat this momentary ‘pause’ after each ‘mind drift’. This, with practice, deepens the meditative experience.

Start with at least ten minutes per session building up to twenty minutes twice daily. Make this a daily routine of our life.

With repeated practice, the brain/body mechanisms – particularly the Thymus gland — become trained in producing extra amounts of mature antibodies for which to attack and disarm ANY virus from entering our inner territory. And, if we can meditate three times daily, fine, this will further increase antibody production from the Thymus gland – also known as T-cells for this reason. Thus we have the means now of re-enforcing the immune system even greater against coronavirus.

Gradually, as we advance with our daily meditation, a feeling of spiritual growth, of expansion, begins to emerge within consciousness. An understanding, that, yes, none of these viruses can really touch me now. The Armour of God is truly on and my immune system is becoming invincible! The least of my brethren are now dancing and smiling joyfully in praise and thanks-giving!

Coronavirus and the Scriptures

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