Corona – The Predator and The Prey

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Corona - The Predator and The Prey
Corona - The Predator and The Prey 2

Corona – The Predator and The Prey

It appears that evidently the coronavirus, named Covid-19 has spooked the world. It has turn out to be the bogeyman of the twenty first century. At first, it frightened the medical occupation on the approach it quickly unfold and killed folks. They, in flip, spooked the governments everywhere in the world to take drastic measures to enter numerous levels of lockdown. It has been nothing however a socio-economic catastrophe for many international locations. And the best way the media continues to report this virus an infection is inflicting additional pointless panic, chaos and confusion among the many public.

In my earlier article titled “Corona- The Making of the Bogeyman”, I identified how a spooked thoughts is incapable of rational pondering. I additionally identified how a bureaucratic thoughts can also be incapable of such thought. So it’s clear to me {that a} frightened bureaucratic particular person can be doubly incapable of constructing any rational choice. This truth is obvious from what we have now seen within the bureaucratic motion taken by governments everywhere in the world.

What dismays and disappoints me most is the medical occupation and the function it’s enjoying. It’s purported to take care of the bodily and psychological well being of individuals but helps the federal government to create folks’s life extra depressing. They don’t appear to understand the truth that saving lives in any respect price isn’t the one factor that issues. One has to take note of the socio-economic prices into our choice making; in any other case, our actions turn out to be counterproductive and irresponsible. Thousands and thousands of individuals have misplaced their jobs, and thousands and thousands of companies have gone out of enterprise. How can we ignore the psychological and bodily unintended effects on the inhabitants of presidency bureaucratic motion which creates poverty? Poverty turns into fertile floor for a rise in crime, violence, drug abuse and suicides and so forth. Please keep in mind that the brunt of all these measures is born by personal people, not authorities workers who’re largely financially unaffected.

In my thoughts, I regard the lockdown as an inhumane motion. To lockup folks residing in tall towers for six weeks is like sentencing them to solitary confinement of their cells. Additionally, how can we justify locking up folks on a cruise ship for days for no fault of their very own, simply because they’ve a case of coronavirus on board? Lockdown can solely be justified if the measures we take kills or eliminates the virus; in any other case we’re solely grabbing the tiger by the tail.

If we study all of the measures we have now taken up to now, we’ll discover that they’re panic measures. They don’t get rid of or kill the virus. The lockdown solely slows down the unfold of the virus. It’s the nature of all virus infections to unfold. So as soon as we raise the lockdown, this virus goes to unfold. The an infection curve has to rise. Now we have to understand the truth that this coronavirus is right here to remain, and we should be taught to reside with it in the identical approach as we’re doing with the influenza virus.
So what does the longer term maintain for us? Will we go into lockdown each time the an infection curve rises? Will we shut down our faculties and workplaces every time somebody is examined constructive? Will we stay spooked and be subjected to some bureaucratic management till we discover a remedy?

It’s simple for international locations with a comparatively small and sparse inhabitants like Australia and New Zealand to assert success in managing this virus with lockdown measures. Nonetheless, in densely populated international locations with massive populations like India and Europe, it’s undoubtedly not a sensible proposition.

Thus there needs to be a greater approach of managing this drawback. If I discovered myself in an outback nation city and a case of coronavirus introduced to me for therapy, I ask myself, what would I do? Having no diagnostic facility accessible to me, I’d have handled that affected person, in the identical approach as I’d have handled a case of influenza. Would this have resulted in any completely different end result for my affected person or me?
One can see that every one this testing for the virus within the inhabitants could also be academically fascinating; nevertheless, the best way the media studies it must be a matter of concern for all of us who’re making an attempt to enhance our psychological well being. It’s spooking the general public and inflicting pointless anxiousness and alarm.

Maybe we are able to be taught from our animal associates how they handle to reside peacefully with all of the predators round them because the starting of time. If we take a look at the buffalos and the lions, we see that the lions spook the buffaloes by chasing them. As soon as the lions catch the weakest one, the buffaloes cease operating. They begin grazing in a relaxed approach, realizing that the lions won’t be attacking them till they’re hungry once more. They don’t stay spooked.

I regard all of the viruses lurking in our environment as predators ready to pounce on us just like the hungry lions and tigers. Normally, a wholesome particular person will resist a virus an infection relying on the power of 1’s immune system. However as soon as any psychological or bodily components weaken our immune system, we are able to turn out to be prey to any such virus. Thus the onus is on each particular person in society to take care of a stage of health which can shield the particular person.

Nonetheless, we have now do-gooders in society who wish to save us from ourselves just like the medical occupation and the federal government. They wish to present us and show to us that they will save human lives, it doesn’t matter what the price. There’s, after all, a political motive in all this. Nobody needs to die, so nobody goes to object to somebody who’s going to guard us. How can anybody object to such a noble trigger when one is saving lives? Politicians and the medical occupation turn out to be our heroes, they usually get our votes.

Sure, it’s comparatively simple to avoid wasting lives and turn out to be heroes if we expect in a bureaucratic approach and ignore the damaging penalties of our motion. However there are increased tasks connected to the roles of our medical and political leaders than simply making an attempt to avoid wasting human lives in the event that they cared to consider Suppose you might be in control of a rescue boat overloaded with folks. You recognize that in the event you take yet one more particular person aboard, the boat goes to tip over and sink. There are folks within the sea nonetheless begging to be rescued. Do you may have a selection? Please assume. Will you’re feeling like a hero? Do you continue to consider in saving life at no matter the price?

As I see it, we have now to come back to phrases with the coronavirus and deal with it in the identical approach because the influenza virus. The world can not afford to stay spooked. In my thoughts, there isn’t any such factor as the longer term. The long run is what we create by the actions we take within the current. If we take no motion now, our current turns into the longer term.

Are we going to reassess our strategy to the coronavirus? Are we going to stay spooked? Will our medical and political leaders get up to their tasks? Are we going to proceed with this bureaucratic insanity?

Corona – The Predator and The Prey

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