Cold Weather Comes to Central Texas – Protect Your Kids

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Cold Weather Comes to Central Texas – Protect Your Kids

The cooler weather is upon us along with winter rains that anyone who’s lived in Central Texas knows make up a great deal of the winter months. With children in school as well as often playing or traveling outside and even participating in fall and winter sports, it’s important for parents to understand what they can do to protect their children from the cold weather that’s coming to Central Texas.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

·         Dress your child in layers- Texas weather is finicky and can be cold one moment and hot the next. Layers allow your child to add or take away as needed so they remain the proper temperature.  

·         Remember sun protection. Many sunburns in Texas happen in the winter months and even during overcast days. While it feels cooler and the sun is hidden behind clouds, the UV rays are still strong and can cause severe burns before you even realize it.  

·         Prepare for rain. Rain and flooding is common during winter in the Central Texas areas. Prepare for this with rain gear, umbrellas and a rain plan. If your children usually walk home from school, plan for how they will get home on rain days and other important details.  

·         Check the forecast. Winters in Texas can be very unpredictable. While forecasts are not always 100% on the dot, they can help you prepare for cold or unexpected weather. Looking ahead and helping your child plan attire and activities around the weather is important.  

With these tips, you can protect your kids from cold weather during the fall and winter months in Central Texas. This is very important to ensure your children have a happy and healthy season of fun.

Cold Weather Comes to Central Texas – Protect Your Kids

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