By Caprice Bras – Release Your Inner Tigress

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By Caprice Bras – Release Your Inner Tigress

Have you ever heard of By Caprice bras? If not, you are in for a whole new experience. Former model Caprice Bourret started her very own lingerie company and is heavily involved in every aspect of the business. The results speak for themselves, and what they say is: Wow!

The By Caprice Primavera bra will make you – and a special someone – say wow. This gel bra offers flowery, frilly fun in embroidery and a dozen details. You can wear this bra every day, or save it for a special occasion.

Use Google Translate and you’ll discover that “fleur” is French for “flower”. The Fleur bra from By Caprice is aptly named. Hugely popular, it’s easy to see why. The floral pattern is gorgeous and there are delightful bows at the central gore and at the cup-strap join.

If you’re an opera buff, you surely love La Boheme. But if hard rock is your thing, or you love country music or just a bit of Michael Buble, you’ll still love the By Caprice Boheme bra. This padded plunge bra offers a low cut line and padding that creates unbelievable – but completely believable – cleavage.

Caprice loves to find exotic names for her bras almost as much as she loves creating exotic lingerie. The Rococo is just one among many. Moulded padding creates curves to die for. But its multiway function makes it easy to live with, no matter what kind of bra you need tonight.

Is there a secret star who inspired the name Mirinda? Caprice will never tell. It won’t matter once you’ve seen this stunning padded plunge bra. A lovely pink floral background provides the perfect start, which is then continued with a girlish blue border along the bustline. The beautiful look can’t be kept a secret for long…

Slide into the By Caprice Cherrys bra. A fuchsia and green pattern on a sexy black background creates a look for the cups that is simply dazzling. A delightful pink stripe down the center sets it off with a visual boost.

When you’re ready to “Go Hollywood”, slip on the ’50s-style Hollywood Spot model. No bra can make you a movie star, but this one will take you part way there. Its cute polka-dot pattern brings back memories of fun days from the past. Slide into one and your future will look pretty good, too.

You don’t have to be an animal lover to love the By Caprice Animal bra. But one thing is for sure. This fun Jaguar print is outrageous, and outrageously charming. And dig that red border! Padded, with removable straps, someone is going to want to remove it from you with their fangs.

By Caprice Bras – Release Your Inner Tigress

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