Blogging – Top 7 Ways to Get Ideas to Post New and Fresh Articles at Your Blog

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Blogging – Top 7 Ways to Get Ideas to Post New and Fresh Articles at Your Blog

One of the most critical things of blogging is no ideas to post. People start blogging on a topic in which they have good knowledge to share. But after some time they realize that they have shared everything that they know. And now they have no more knowledge to post articles on that topic. A lot of bloggers have this problem. And you have to avoid this problem in order to get big blogging money.

Here are 7 great ways where you can get ideas to post:

1. Use Google: – Google is the best place to get ideas to post. Write some keywords and search them on Google. You will get plenty of result and contents. Use those contents to get an idea for your new post.

2. Use Yahoo Answers: – Yahoo Answers has millions of users worldwide. Go to Yahoo Answers and search question-answers for your keywords. If you not get any question-answers related to your keywords, sign up for Yahoo account and post questions to get posting ideas about your niche. Another good idea is pick some questions those are related with your niche from Yahoo Answers and try to solve them. Write 300 to 400 words article on each question and post those articles at your blog.

3. Visit Other High Trafficked Blog: – You should make a habit to visit other high trafficked blog. See what other bloggers are doing. See what they are posting. You will get new ideas to post interesting articles.

4. Use Online Forums: – Online Forums are the places where people look answer for their online troubles. Join good forum sites like or and ask questions related with your niche.

5. Use Digg: – Digg is a great place to find new ideas. Thousands of people share their knowledge and articles in Digg. You need to just go on Digg and search for your topic. Probably you will get lots of ideas about your topic.

6. Google and Yahoo groups: – There are lots of online groups on thousands of topic. Go to Google and Yahoo and search for your blog related groups. Pick up some good groups and join them. Probably you will get plenty of materials on your niche.

7. Check Your Older Posts: – If you have lots of posts, you should renew your older posts with a little extra content. Another great idea is write a few lines post with the links of older posts.

If you are serious to make money by blogging then you should be serious about your content and your posts. Posting good posts with consistency is the way to make big blogging money.

Blogging – Top 7 Ways to Get Ideas to Post New and Fresh Articles at Your Blog

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