Best Practices in Managing Your Development Team Through Agile and SCRUM

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Best Practices in Managing Your Development Team Through Agile and SCRUM

So you are managing you dedicated international software development team, right? The Internet, Skype, WhatsApp and all this communication apps make it look simple, right? All your infrastructure, software and relevant assets? Wrong. Getting it right does not only need the right tools, it also needs a little bit of wisdom. Let us tell you something about it.

You probably know this already but the way to go is to adopt the Agile development philosophy by using the SRCUM platform to manage it and guaranteeing the Agile methodology is implemented correctly. And here’s a few tips for you so you can make sure you’re doing everything right.

Know why you are outsourcing, then follow your reasons
You will have financial reasons, but also reasons that guarantee you are getting the expertise you need. Spreading your coding needs allows you to harness the coding power you can get from many talented coders all over the world. As long as you clearly know why you do this, your decisions will be easy to take and your working process will be smooth.

Start with your needs and a contract
So you have recruited a great team of developers. You know their references and you’re confident about their talent and ability. This is not where it ends, it’s where it starts.

Be clear to your team about your needs. Tell them the specifications you want in all detail and give them the timeline you are expecting from them. If you are expecting any post-launch support, let them know as well, because you need them all the way to the end.

Regular Meetings and Direct Conversations: Communication is Key
Screw the documentation! Conversations among competent people are the way to go. Let them talk to each other, share expertise and experience. Your team is scattered all over the world, we know, that’s the point of Agile and SCRUM. Still, let them meet frequently, let them talk to each other. Encourage them to do so. It will always be to your advantage.

Also, make sure you communicate with them. They need to understand your business and its goals with all clarity, otherwise, they can’t serve them. Trust them. Make them trust you and understand you as well.

Align your business goals with your project’s goals
It’s no secret why so many digital products fail. There’s no convergence among app outsourcing, analysis, and planning.

Your goals must be your client’s goals so make sure the client is involved in the early stages of development and all the way until you finish. Remember this: you need a piece of code that works but even more important than that is a happy client that will come back to you next time. So you need that both things work in your favor.

Face-to-face time
You have no shortage of tools from Skype to WhatsApp. Use them. Prize face-to-face communication. Let your developers know you are paying attention to their work without making them feel stressed. This way you will build trust, understanding, and loyalty. In an international team of developers, only respect and trust will get you all the way.

Best Practices in Managing Your Development Team Through Agile and SCRUM

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