Believe That it is Possible to Lose Weight and it Will Become a Reality For You

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Believe That it is Possible to Lose Weight and it Will Become a Reality For You

Let us face it. Reducing weight naturally is a constant battle. I am not talking about diet pills, dieting, medical weight loss or weight loss surgery. I am talking about fat loss through regular exercise. If you start and half way down the stream you relax the pounds you had shed off come right back, like an armed man.

You know what I am talking about. You start on the recommended exercises but after three weeks the weather changes and the temperatures fall or you catch flu. Waking up in the morning or exercising after work becomes less appealing. Your brain tells you to get up and exercise but your body refuses to cooperate. There is that voice in your head that keeps saying “Bob, it is cold outside. Why don’t you try tomorrow? Look, it is only one day, besides you exercised last week. Besides you do not feel well.” The next morning, the resistance not to exercise becomes even stronger. After a couple of weeks you give up. The fat loss plan is abandoned. The two pounds you had lost stealthily come back.

Do you recognize the trend? It is like a script, written in advance and sealed. I went through it many times. What helped me? The turning point came a year ago when my father in law visited us. He observed that I had added on weight. That is what I hated to hear. I told him that weight management was quite hard. He looked me in the eye and told me something that would change my life. He said that “losing weight and gaining weight is a disease of the mind. Do not allow your thoughts to control your actions. Your actions should control your thoughts and not the other way round.” I thought long and hard about what he said but could not fully comprehend what he meant.

The full realization came two months later. I watched a six year old girl battle for one and half hours to piece together 54 pieces of a jig saw puzzle that make a world map. The girl did not know where the different countries were located on the map but she believed that the pieces would add up and that she could do it. She relied on matching the different colors to put the pieces together. She would try all options and made many mistakes but she did not give up. She had seen her elder sister do it and believed that she could do it also, that it was just a matter of time. After one and half hours she reached her goal. She was able to assemble the 54 pieces to make the world map.

Observing that event changed my life. I remembered the words of my father in law. The little girl even had to forego her lunch. She did not allow her thoughts to control her actions. When she felt hungry, she pressed ahead. When she felt tired it was time to work even harder.

Yes, fat loss is in the mind.

When you are not in the mood of exercising it is a signal to go ahead. When the body feels cold it is the time to jump out of bed. When you feel ill that is the time to exercise. Never allow your thinking to control your actions. Control your diet but persist in the prescribed exercises. The fruits of a weight loss plan are at the end not at the beginning. To undergo rapid weight loss, change your mindset and follow a consistent plan of action.

Believe That it is Possible to Lose Weight and it Will Become a Reality For You

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