Are You Or Your Home Prepared For Natural Disasters?

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Are You Or Your Home Prepared For Natural Disasters?

As a homeowner, you know just how much time, money and value you have invested in your home. You have done a great job. And it is probably the biggest asset that you have. But have you insured it against natural disasters? Many people will insure against fire and theft, but natural disasters are not considered a hazard enough to protect against.

That may have been the case in the past, but today, things are rather different. It has become increasingly apparent that natural disasters that hadn’t happen for hundreds, even thousands of years are happening again. Maybe it’s just the cycle of nature, but we have not been able to predict much.

Look at the tsunami for example. Think about all those beautiful and expensive properties that were along the Indian Ocean coastline that were destroyed. Many of the people were not insured against natural disasters, and that’s why recovery took so long. If you ask them, they will tell you that they just didn’t expect that something like that could ever happen. But it did.

Or hurricane Katrina. Lots and lots of property was lost. The American government had to step in to help people re-build their lives, but there is only so much that governments can do. Many of the people who live in trailers today say that they owned homes but only made one mistake – they didn’t insure against natural disasters and therefore were not able to get any kind of compensation for their lost property.

As a homeowner, it is prudent to get insured against natural disasters considering how much you have invested. Better to be safe than sorry. Insurance companies stepped up to the challenge and started to insure against natural disasters, so now we have packages that will insure you against anything from a hurricane to wild stampeding animals.

You may be wondering what kinds of natural disasters exactly you should insure against. Here are some more common ones that occur, or at least have been witnessed more and more frequently in recent times.

1. Flooding: The world has become a much wetter place. What would be just regular rains now rarely falls without soaking everything in its path. Homes and properties that had never been below water level today find themselves flooded in at least once a year.

2. Fire: This is not the usual household fire; it’s the more ravaging kind that sweeps everything in its path. Just as there has been an increase in rain, the dry spells are now much drier. There are forest fires that raze thousands of acres every year. These are considered a natural disaster.

3. Earthquakes: They are becoming more and more common. The average homeowner should take out some kind of insurance against this. It’s hard to know where they’ll strike, so no one can consider themselves really safe.

4. Volcanic eruptions: These are important to consider especially for people who live close to mountains. Previously, the world at large understood that if a mountain had not erupted for a number of years, it was not likely to ever go off. We have seen that this knowledge is flawed with more and more ‘dormant’ mountains erupting. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful and expensive properties are located at mountainsides.

These are just 4 examples of some of the more common natural disasters. You must look at your home location and consider what natural disasters have been known to occur there, and if they are different from the ones listed here, take out insurance for those too.

Are You Or Your Home Prepared For Natural Disasters?

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