Are Incentivized Freebie Websites Legitimate?

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Are Incentivized Freebie Websites Legitimate?

Have you ever seen advertisements offering free stuff? Something like, “Click here and find out how to get a free iPod!” (or play station or Plasma TV or some other expensive item). Have you looked at these ads and automatically dismissed them as scams?

Guess what. They aren’t scams! They are part of an actual vibrant and pretty robust cottage industry that generates leads for online retailers. These websites advertising free stuff are legitimate websites that get paid BIG bucks by national advertisers to lure people like us into paying attention to their products and services.

You see, getting that free iPod (or plasma TV or play station) is incredibly easy if you respond to national advertising sponsor offers and refer a certain number of your friends to do the same. Once you’ve done that, they’ll send that free iPod or TV right to your doorstep no questions asked.

These websites are called Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFWs or Freebie Websites) and the sponsoring companies pay them each time someone responds to an offer.

For example, a video rental company like Netflix wants you to sign up for a free trial using their DVD rental service so they contract with a IFW. The Freebie Website gets your attention by promising to give you a free TV if you respond to a certain number of offers. You see the Netflix offer and sign up for the free trial. Netflix immediately pays the IFW a fee (let’s say…$50) because they introduced you to them. So even if you cancel the Netflix free trial, the Freebie Website still made money.

The IFWs make TONS of money because MOST people give up and never complete the required number of offers OR they never refer the required number of people. So the Freebie Websites end up only sending the free TVs, iPods and Computers to a dedicated and persistent few.

Thousands of people have benefited in the past several years by taking advantage of this opportunity to get free stuff.

The industry has grown and Incentivized Freebie Websites have popped up all over the place. The competition is a huge benefit to average consumers because now IFWs offer CASH in exchange for completing offers and sending referrals. So instead of an iPod, you can get $100.00.

And now, thousands of people are making good money online by completing offers at Freebie Websites, referring the required number of people (usually as few as 2 referrals are needed to get the cash prize) and getting paid cash for a quick 1-2 hours of “work” per day.

People who are making significant incomes from IFWs tend to congregate in online communities called forums. In these forums they offer to pay “rookies” to the freebie industry an average of 50% of their per referral prize if that person fills their referral slot.

So for example, a Freebie Website is offering a $120 prize for completing a certain number of sponsor offers and referring at least 2 people who do the same. That equates to a $60.00 prize per referral. You log in to a freebie forum and you agree to a “trade” with another member. They will trade you $30.00 (50% of their per referral prize) for you to simply complete offers as their referral. You get $30 plus the value of whatever offers you complete and they get one of their referral slots filled so they can win their cash prize. After you complete offers you are now eligible for that same cash prize if you also fill your referral slots.

So yes, Incentivized Freebie Websites are legitimate and if you can use an extra $100 – $1,500 this month (or a free iPhone, iPod or Flat Screen TV) you should definitely look into joining a forum and completing offers at a freebie website. You’ll get paid an average of $30 to do so and you’ll be in a position to earn a nice cash prize.

Are Incentivized Freebie Websites Legitimate?

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