Apple To Invite Developers to Virtual Event to Talk On New Widgets Updates !!

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Apple To Invite Developers to Virtual Event to Talk On New Widgets Updates !!

Apple is now inviting iPadOS, iOS, and macOS app developers to connect with their engineers and designers in an online event that is going to provide insights towards improving app widgets which are a part of iPadOS 14, iOS 14, and macOS Big Sur.

Developers are invited by email to enroll in the “Building Great Widget Experiences” event, which is going to take place live on the 1st of February 2021. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the contest will be conducted completely online, which gives them a global chance to attend the conference. The company won’t specify what will be discussed at the event besides suggesting that developers got the chance to learn how to build better widgets for Mac and iOS apps.

Useful and pleasant, widgets will let users elevate key content from your app and display it at the place users can see it at a glimpse on iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Even Though, they can still help users personalize their Home screens in different ways. 

Apple To Invite Developers to Virtual

The Invited developers who got an email, can ask questions to Apple employees during the event, similar to what the business does during the WWDC. It is uncertain whether developers who haven’t been invited by email will be able to attend that online meeting in the coming month.

This is not the primary time Apple has held this kinda event with developers. In Nov 2020, the company invited macOS developers to special online labs about its Silicon platform. A similar one was previously held in April last year to talk about apps’ accessibility.

Widgets Are to Stay In:

As 9to5Mac notes, Apple has also organized exhibitions such as this earlier. Two of which have taken place in 2020 centered on the transition to Apple Silicon with the initial M1 Macs and building accessibility features into apps.

It’s unlikely at that time, for Apple to reveal any of its plans for widgets during the Feb. event. Nevertheless, it suggests that widgets are inclined to prevail a great focus of Apple’s going forwards.

Having been a long-demanded addition to Apple software, it appears that the Cupertino organization has certainly listened. Hence, it now wants to listen to its developers too.

Apple To Invite Developers to Virtual Event to Talk On New Widgets Updates !!

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